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Category: Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow - Automatic Lyrics

Jack Harlow – Automatic Lyrics

Automatic By Jack Harlow Automatic, it’s a habit, you should know it’s automatic I been gettin’ to it, I ain’t know what y’all sayin’ Brand new chick, she don’t know […]

Jack Harlow - Only Way Lyrics

Jack Harlow – Only Way Lyrics

Only Way By Jack Harlow Yeah This is gon’ be the hottest summer in history Life as we knew it before, this is only memories Chief of the country ain’t […]

Jack Harlow - Yikes Lyrics

Jack Harlow – Yikes Lyrics

Yikes By Jack Harlow Wallis He call me “Honey baby,” he know I’m the princess (‘Cess) For the time that he’s mine, he get what he needs Take him shoppin’, […]

Jack Harlow – 2STYLISH Lyrics

2STYLISH By Jack Harlow Too stylish She too fly Make me lose balance Back it up, like we taking over for the ’99 And the 2000’s The city that’s mine […]