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Category: Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow – GHOST Lyrics

GHOST by Jack Harlow: I know that we got it, I might even guarantee it When she top me up, it turn me right into a parapalegic Pair of shoes that got the NB […]

Jack Harlow – ROTTEN Lyrics

ROTTEN by Jack Harlow: Y’all ready? This tag is hard, it sound like a spaceship door opening Okay there’s moments where I feel like I’m the hottest My baby not religious but she look […]

Jack Harlow – ICE Lyrics

ICE by Jack Harlow: I can’t hear you through this Right now, right now Ooh! Dentyne, put it on ice right now, ayy Tell me what you like right now Is you with […]

Jack Harlow – SUNDAY NIGHT Lyrics

SUNDAY NIGHT by Jack Harlow: Please don’t let nothing get back to me I’ve been trying to detach from you Deep down though, I wanna know about what the f--- you been up to […]

Jack Harlow – WARSAW Lyrics

WARSAW by Jack Harlow: Y’all ain’t get to see what I foresaw coming Now the team overseas out in Warsaw, stuntin’ (Ooh!) Talk tough to me catch a northpaw from it A-- fat, let […]

Jack Harlow – BIG CHILLIN Lyrics

BIG CHILLIN by Jack Harlow: Okay, I’m big chillin’ (Chillin’, ayy, ayy) Told me that she numb to it, she don’t get feelings I’m a smooth criminal, I’m a slick villain I already finished, […]

Jack Harlow – GOIN BACK DOWN Lyrics

GOIN BACK DOWN by Jack Harlow: I just about got the airport mapped out Flights going in and they going back out Time flies when you bullshitting at the house Tryna make sense […]

Jack Harlow – WALK IN THE PARK Lyrics

WALK IN THE PARK by Jack Harlow: Ain’t s--- to me, it’s a walk in the park Y’all too smart, can’t talk from the heart I got sauce and it’s off of the […]

Jack Harlow – RAIN Lyrics

RAIN by Jack Harlow: I know you tried cryin’ It didn’t help nothin’, funny how the time flies Middle school classmates and the crime times These some tryin’ times My girl summertime fine, wintertime […]

Jack Harlow – RIVER ROAD Lyrics

RIVER ROAD by Jack Harlow: Still working Still waking up looking for real purpose Still trying to figure out, what it’s gon’ take Still trying to find connection with some […]

Jack Harlow – THRU THE NIGHT Lyrics

THRU THE NIGHT by Jack Harlow (feat. Bryson Tiller) Through the night She just want the tip, no advice On the side of the road, what’s the risk? Roll the dice If they […]