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Jack River – Later Flight Lyrics

Later Flight by Jack River Lyrics: It’s late, I don’t know If I’m coming home (?) Precious thing I know Baby will you stay tonight Will you take the later […]

Sugar Mountain

Jack River – In Ifinity Lyrics

In Ifinity by Jack River Oh, I feel it coming on Feel it rollin’ ’round my [?] The fire in my mind All that rain that falls from my eyes […]

Sugar Mountain

Jack River – Constellation Ball Lyrics

Constellation Ball by Jack River I am at the constellation ball With all the trippers and the physicists Here they do not keep the dogs unleashed They let their animals […]

Sugar Mountain

Jack River – Fields Lyrics

Fields by Jack River Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below.   Sugar Mountain (Album 2018) 01.  Her […]

Sugar Mountain

Jack River – Fault Line Lyrics

Fault Line by Jack River I’ve been walking Talking to myself Following words In my garden Flowers burn And turn back to the sun It begins, I run I should […]