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Category: Jacquees

Jacquees - No More Parties Lyrics

Jacquees – No More Parties Lyrics

No More Parties Lyrics – Jacquees Yeah Aye, aye, aye Straight from Decatur, aye Still chasing paper, aye Straight from Decatur, uh Still chasing paper, uh Straight from Decatur, aye […]

Jacquees - Trackstar [Quemix] Lyrics

Jacquees – Trackstar [Quemix] Lyrics

Trackstar [Quemix] Lyrics – Jacquees Aye, shoutout Mooski Yeah I know some track stars Jacquees You know, I ain’t never had this shit happen I had to speak on it […]

Jacquees - Eastside Blues Lyrics

Jacquees – Eastside Blues Lyrics

Eastside Blues By Jacquees Cheers nigga We gotta take a shot when this one is on Yeah, so pick me because I’m very special I mean. I’m very, very special […]

Jacquees - Pretty Brown Lyrics

Jacquees – Pretty Brown Lyrics

Pretty Brown By Jacquees It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s It’s the pretty brown, brown [?] It’s the, it’s the pretty brown, brown [?] […]

Jacquees - Faded Lyrics

Jacquees – Faded Lyrics

Faded By Jacquees Tried my hardest not to hate you Should’ve known she wasn’t faithful, no oh, oh Thought you was real, must’ve mistaken you Just like your friends, them […]