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Category: Jacquees

Jacquees – So Cold Lyrics

So Cold By Jacquees Oh Ooh ee, yeah (Oh, oh, oh) Woah (Aye) Cold (Jacquees sang, yeah, yeah) Girl It’s cold outside Come bring yo’ ass in No more frontin’ […]

Jacquees – It’s Christmas Lyrics

It’s Christmas By Jacquees ft. Lil Reign (Woo) Got our father (Oh) Got our father (Merry Christmas) Once again (Yeah) Once again (Happy holidays, uh) I remember the days (days) I used to […]

Jacquees – Hot For Me Lyrics

Hot For Me By Jacquees Haus That nigga nice Baby, can you make it hot for me? Take you to my bed, better not be scared, you know what it is In my […]

Jacquees – Superstar Lyrics

Superstar By Jacquees I’m rollin’ late Sunday night (Yeah) Take ‘bout ten thou’ on the flight (Cash) They book my shows and I’m there (Where we goin’?) You know them […]

Jacquees – Never Say Goodbye Lyrics

Never Say Goodbye By Jacquees OG Parker G. Ry got me Murphy Kid I could never say, “Goodbye” Will you still ride if I pull up outside? Will you still ride? Will you […]