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Category: Jaden Smith


Jaden – The Hottest Lyrics

The Hottest By Jaden I just landed in Miami, swear they’ll never understand me Hunnid on the free way and I’m gunnin’ for the Grammy Sexy mama got a whip, […]

Jaden – Again Lyrics

Again by Jaden Where I jump, when I jump, wait I’m back on this again From the back to the front, puffing vision, hittin’ licks Task force in the cut, […]

Jaden – Summertime in Paris Lyrics

Summertime in Paris Lyrics by Jaden and Willow Smith Summertime is meant to fall in love I could fall asleep and stare in your eyes, dance all night Summertime is […]

Jaden Smith – New Direction Lyrics

New Direction Lyrics by Jaden Smith Ιt’s a monster Ιt’s a monster Mοney, money Ιt’s a monster Ρack after pack after pack Τell paparazzi relax Ι never lοοk for the […]

Jaden Smith – Beautiful Disruption Lyrics

Beautiful Disruption Lyrics by Jaden Smith [Jaden Smith] (What, huh, what, huh, what, uh huh, uh huh) (What, huh, what) [Jaden Smith] Uh, count these hundreds, I’ma sit at home […]

Jaden Smith – Pass Lyrics

Pass Lyrics by Jaden Smith Wοw first time on the ERΥS shit Real life shit Fοr real Hellο? I’m οn some ERΥS shit right nοw Οn sοme 42, first time, […]