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Jahmiel – Third Eye Lyrics

Third Eye Lyrics – Jahmiel Yo, yo, yo Yuh [?] betta, mi a tell yuh (Yo, easy) Ready up, Jordan, Zaga, yeah Bakkle done, wi nuh ready Too late, man

Jahmiel – Too Far, So Close Lyrics

Too Far, So Close Lyrics – Jahmiel Life’s short, nuh have di time fi hold back Baby girl, dis ah come from mi heart Wi fell apart ever since wi

Jahmiel – Mind Games Lyrics

Mind Games Lyrics – Jahmiel Yeah See dem face, but wi cyaan see dem heart ‘Nuff a dem have di realest talk on di duttiest heart Yo, a mind game

Jahmiel – True Friend Lyrics

True Friend Lyrics – Jahmiel Almighty Protect mi family Protect mi fren dem Patriot Yeh Yeh Yeh Represent fi a real one (x2) Oh Lawd, oh Lawd Represent fi a

Jahmiel – All The Girls Lyrics

All The Girls By Jahmiel Yuh a mi joy and mi inspiration Yeah, yeah (Hmm) Yuh see mi? Yeah, dah love yah set a way becah di day jus start

Jahmiel – Return Lyrics

Jahmiel – Return Lyrics Mi know dem after Mi head, know dem waa simi Dead, know dem do a bagga thing fi try ah fvck up me medz, but a

Jahmiel – No Other Lyrics

No Other By Jahmiel Tell yuh, yuh a mi everything She would a do anything (hmmm) Baby yuh deserve de world Yuh a mi number 1 girl (loyal) Yuh quality,

Jahmiel – We Alone Lyrics

We Alone By Jahmiel Yeah, yeah Nah, nah, nah Dem say patients is a virtue But who shall we turn to (We Alone) Yeah hmmm yeah Yuh nuh see a

Jahmiel – Preserve My Life Lyrics

Preserve My Life By Jahmiel Mi guh death door and come back Cah Jah nuh ready fi mi yet Mi deh yah fi fight a combat against evil intellects Jah

Jahmiel – I See An Angel Lyrics

I See An Angel By Jahmiel Ooh… Yeah Ooh… Great man have great amount a love fi yuh, yuh zeet Why every time we argue, yeah When yuh know deep

Jahmiel – Life Lessons Lyrics

Life Lessons By Jahmiel Mhmm… Almighty If mi nuh sure bout nobody else (nobody else) yeah Mi sure fi see you Jah, so much we’ve been through Yeah Life a

Jahmiel – Lights Off Lyrics

Lights Off By Jahmiel She seh she nuh waan nobody else She love feel mi yeeaa-aah yeah She say weh yuh deh I’m missing you A yuh voicenote mi deh

Jahmiel – Shining Lyrics

Shining By Jahmiel Yeah, mhm… Oh, Jah, Jah Nuh judge we, circumstances tun we inna monster Show dem love and dem tink yuh weak suh nuff a we guh tun

Jahmiel – Higher Lyrics

Higher By Jahmiel Chains are broken, gates are open, we are chosen we yeah Dem could a neava wol wi dung, yeh yuh keep mi above di grung, yuh bless

Jahmiel – No Funeral Lyrics

No Funeral By Jahmiel Dem nuh know how evil me be so evil me be, them no stop fuck up dawgs dem a give me reason fi be eeh bomboclatt

Jahmiel – Teach Dem Again Lyrics

Teach Dem Again By Jahmiel Them starta war now dem waa fi run, great don full a money and fucking gun, from this start yuh know it naa go done,

Jahmiel – Quaran Kill Lyrics

Quaran Kill By Jahmiel Chew draws yuh naa chat no facts, bagga hair arguement yuh naa clash no locks, patrients hammer nail inna yuh broad box, yuh caa go zion,

Jahmiel – Chip Glock lyrics

Chip Glock By Jahmiel Gyal alone know seh mi ting tuff weh you mean by feel Like him tuff batty law dah talk deh wah fix up People we kill

Jahmiel – Jah Over Everything Lyrics

Jahmiel – Jah Over Everything Lyrics Through the sad times and bad times Jah you never leave i alone oh yeah, neva fada Mi see weh dem a try but

Jahmiel – 357 Lyrics

357 By Jahmiel Yuh nuh see dem just a boos up fi dead Humpty Dumpty wah fi shub up him head Send me killa dem fi shoot up him ends