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Category: Jahmiel

Jahmiel - No Other Lyrics

Jahmiel – No Other Lyrics

No Other By Jahmiel Tell yuh, yuh a mi everything She would a do anything (hmmm) Baby yuh deserve de world Yuh a mi number 1 girl (loyal) Yuh quality, […]

Jahmiel - We Alone Lyrics

Jahmiel – We Alone Lyrics

We Alone By Jahmiel Yeah, yeah Nah, nah, nah Dem say patients is a virtue But who shall we turn to (We Alone) Yeah hmmm yeah Yuh nuh see a […]

Jahmiel - I See An Angel Lyrics

Jahmiel – I See An Angel Lyrics

I See An Angel By Jahmiel Ooh… Yeah Ooh… Great man have great amount a love fi yuh, yuh zeet Why every time we argue, yeah When yuh know deep […]

Jahmiel - Life Lessons Lyrics

Jahmiel – Life Lessons Lyrics

Life Lessons By Jahmiel Mhmm… Almighty If mi nuh sure bout nobody else (nobody else) yeah Mi sure fi see you Jah, so much we’ve been through Yeah Life a […]

Jahmiel - Lights Off Lyrics

Jahmiel – Lights Off Lyrics

Lights Off By Jahmiel She seh she nuh waan nobody else She love feel mi yeeaa-aah yeah She say weh yuh deh I’m missing you A yuh voicenote mi deh […]