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Category: Jaira Burns

Jaira Burns – Waste Away Lyrics

Waste Away by Jaira Burns Lovers with no single care at all Busy catching shadows off the wall Higher than the grass [?] ten feet When I’m with you, when […]

Jaira Burns – Didn’t I Lyrics

Didn’t I by Jaira Burns I’ll take the heat, but I can’t remember Last night’s a blur I can’t believe I was so self-centered Every word made it worse I […]

Sugarcoat Lyrics

Jaira Burns – Sugarcoat Lyrics

Sugarcoat by Jaira Burns Are you proud of this since you ruined it? I’m so f------ tired of you So emotionless, something I can’t fix And I’m just way too […]

Jaira Burns – OKOKOK Lyrics

OKOKOK by Jaira Burns Released : 2018 Heard ’bout what you say when you’re not with me Say you live alone and your bed is empty Oh, that’s so funny […]

Jaira Burns – Burn Slow Lyrics

Burn slow by Jaira Burns Released : 2017 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. ○ Listen to […]