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Category: Jake Miller

Jake Miller – LAST TEXT Lyrics

LAST TEXT by Jake Miller: They say to fight for the things that you love But there comes a point where you gotta give up Yeah, ooh-ooh-ooh ooh Yeah, ooh-ooh-ooh ooh Wishing my screen […]

Jake Miller – NERVOUS Lyrics

NERVOUS By Jake Miller (with BEGINNERS): Don’t know why hands are shakin’ Feelin’ numb, stomach’s achin’ But I love the sensation, whoa Twistin’ words like I’m tipsy ‘Cause your lips, […]

Jake Miller – OCEAN AWAY Lyrics

OCEAN AWAY by Jake Miller: Your bag’s packed, passport You’re  moving to Paris Can  I drive you to the airport? I just want a few extra minutes I’m quiet, you’re […]

Jake Miller – NIKES Lyrics

NIKES Lyrics by Jake Miller I still got your Nikes laying in my closet Right there in the corner, teasing me I still got your Nikes laying in my closet […]

Jake Miller – Answers Lyrics

Released : 2017 Just what is it you’re looking for? Something. When I find it, I’ll know I’ve been looking to the sky now Hoping something falls down But it’s […]