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Category: James Arthur

James Arthur – Maybe Lyrics

Maybe By James Arthur Lyrics I don’t know what’s going on Where you came from and why it took so long All I know is that I feel it like […]

James Arthur – Breathe Lyrics

Breathe By James Arthur Lyrics We’re all strangers Fighting in the streets with no common ground We’re just strangers Tryna find release when there’s none around Then there’s you You […]

James Arthur – Sad Eyes Lyrics

Sad Eyes By James Arthur Lyrics You wear the burden World on your shoulders, baby So let me hold the weight I know you’re hurting Deep as the coldest pain […]

James Arthur – Quite Miss Home Lyrics

Quite Miss Home By James Arthur Lyrics I’m in the kitchen while you smoke outside You’re careful not to let the smoke inside I always tell you it’s poison But […]

James Arthur – You Lyrics

You By James Arthur Lyrics Fighting, living, dying For what? For freedom That’s what which men have fought since time begun To be free They’ve been making blanked statements, scaring […]

James Arthur – Finally Feel Good Lyrics

Finally Feel Good by James Arthur: Finally Feel Good Lyrics: I wanna wake up sober See what the sunrise means to me ‘Cause I’ve been getting colder And nothing means anything I […]

James Arthur – Empty Space Lyrics

Empty Space by James Arthur I don’t see you You’re not in every window I look through And I don’t miss you You’re not in every single thing I do […]

James Arthur – Fall Lyrics

Fall by James Arthur I’ve been beaten and broken and tread upon I was made to feel stupid when I was young And they so ”no” is the answer to the temptations When those […]

James Arthur – Car’s Outside Lyrics

Car’s Outside by James Arthur I’m packin’ my bags that I didn’t unpack the last time I’m sayin’, “see you again” so many times it’s becomin’ my type line But […]

James Arthur - Treehouse Lyrics

James Arthur – Treehouse Lyrics

Treehouse by James Arthur (feat. Shotty Horroh) I know you get tongue-tied, and you trip over your words Spend all of your young life on your tiptoes, and it hurts Feel like you […]

James Arthur – From The Grave Lyrics

From The Grave Lyrics by James Arthur [James Arthur] I never meant to leave you there A crown of roses in your hair Along with everything you’ve ever feared In […]