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Category: James Blake

James Blake, Assume Form tracklist

01. “Assume Form
02. “Mile High
03. “Tell Them
04. “Into the Red
05. “Barefoot in the Park
06. “Can’t Believe the Way We Flow
07. “Are You in Love?
08. “Where’s The Catch?
09. “I’ll Come Too
10. “Power On
11. “Don’t Miss It
12. “Lullaby for My Insomniac

James Blake – Power On Lyrics

Power On Lyrics by James Blake [James Blake] I thought I might be better dead but I was wrong I thought everything could fade but I was wrong I thought […]

James Blake – Where’s The Catch? Lyrics

Where’s The Catch? Lyrics by James Blake (Feat. André 3000) (Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye… Can’t ne.. can’t ne.. can’t ne… Can’t nev.. can’t nev.. can’t nev… Can’t never, can’t never, can’t […]

James Blake – Into the Red Lyrics

Into the Red Lyrics by James Blake [James Blake] The list of things I could live without Grows longer as I move everything around Behind all the furniture Pointed towards […]

James Blake – Tell Them Lyrics

Tell Them Lyrics by James Blake (Feat. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin) [Moses Sumney:] In life, just be alone, though you’re a wanderin’ soul And you got to move on […]

James Blake – Mile High Lyrics

Mile High Lyrics by James Blake (Feat. Travis Scott) [James Blake:] Don’t wanna see me by yourself… [Travis Scott:] We on a drive, looped in Two seat ride, couped in […]

James Blake – Assume Form Lyrics

Assume Form Lyrics by James Blake [James Blake] Now I’m confiding, know I’m in haze Go through the motion my whole life I hope this is the first day That […]

James Blake – Don’t Miss It Lyrics

Don’t Miss It Lyrics [JAMES BLAKE] The world has shut me out If I give everything I’ll lose everything Everything is about me I am the most important thing And […]

James Blake – Vincent Lyrics

Vincent by James Blake Released : 2017 Swirling clouds in a violet haze Reflect in Vincent’s eyes of china blue Colors changing hue Full Lyrics will be available soon. check […]