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Category: James Blunt

James Blunt – The Greatest Lyrics

The Greatest By James Blunt Lyrics Too much to say Too much to lose I get frustrated thinking ‘bout the world I brought you to It’s a battle of time […]

James Blunt – Stop the Clock Lyrics

Stop the Clock By James Blunt Lyrics Did it take you a minute to realise that I’m deep in it? ‘Cause it feels like hours, I’ve been stuck here thinking […]

James Blunt – Halfway Lyrics

Halfway By James Blunt Lyrics Nobody drives to the middle of nowhere just to turn around To turn around Nobody sleeps in the middle of the bed when they got […]

James Blunt - 5 Miles Lyrics

James Blunt – 5 Miles Lyrics

5 Miles By James Blunt Lyrics It’s a shame that I’m never gonna see your face again, mmm We’re both strangers but I’m kind of hoping maybe that could change, […]

James Blunt – Youngster Lyrics

Youngster By James Blunt Lyrics Say yes My mama always said, “Life’s better when you say yes” All that you can do is dare to do your best When your […]