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Category: James Morrison

James Morrison – Ruins Lyrics

Ruins Lyrics By James Morrison We both tried our best We gave our all But every bridge we built is made to fall It’s gonna hurt like hell until we […]

James Morrison - Slowly Lyrics

James Morrison – Slowly Lyrics

Slowly Lyrics By James Morrison I was born rage and sadness Doesn’t everybody cry in their first day? You try and get sane when your raised on madness It takes […]

James Morrison – Power Lyrics

Power Lyrics By James Morrison I feel your sunshine when you’re deep in shadows Say you give me nothin’ but it still feels good though You think you’re worthless but […]

James Morrison - Glorious Lyrics

James Morrison – Glorious Lyrics

Glorious Lyrics By James Morrison We were just two kids with a curious apetite We were two young hearts beating hard as we touched the fire for the first time […]