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Category: Jamie Lawson

Jamie Lawson – Chasing Lyrics

I’ve been running after Dreams and getting close Waiting on the rapture Crashing into goals Lining on the airwaves Burning in my blood Used to feel the fire Now the […]

Jamie Lawson – Broken Lyrics

Holding out for a lifeline Calling out for a name Everything keeps changing While everything’s the same I know, some days are harder to trust I know, some days are […]

Jamie Lawson – Perfect Sense Lyrics

I’ve got a feeling you’ve been in and out of dreaming Sleeping off the whiskey and pills Time you’ve been stealing, all the nights that you’ve been Seemingly mistaking for […]

Jamie Lawson – Safe With You

Sometimes the days escape me Sometimes I lose control Too many contradictions Between my heart and soul Sometimes the devil scolds me Shoots me down in flames Through the dark, […]

Jamie Lawson – The Answer Lyrics

If I ask too many questions It’s cause I can’t quite comprehend How my soul’s in your possession How in the world it all makes sense Is there any explanation […]