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Category: Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean – The Same Way Lyrics

The Same Way By Jason Aldean It doesn’t matter if you grew up above the Mason-Dixon Or down in Dixie If you come from the east side or the west side Of the […]

Jason Aldean – Talk About Georgia Lyrics

Talk About Georgia By Jason Aldean I spent a lot of time underneath the lights down in San Antone Yeah, I make good memories just about everywhere I go Myrtle Beach, South Carolina […]

Jason Aldean – Came Here to Drink Lyrics

Came Here to Drink By Jason Aldean I didn’t show up to cover up anything Didn’t walk through that door to forget about what’s-her-name No, I didn’t have a bad day It ain’t […]

Jason Aldean – Champagne Town Lyrics

Champagne Town By Jason Aldean Well, I got there late, blame it on the rain Guess I gotta stay another night In this town full of lights guys like me don’t like Yeah, I […]

Jason Aldean – Camouflage Hat Lyrics

Camouflage Hat By Jason Aldean You can find ’em ’bout sundown Friday Comin’ outta them fields for the highway First stop, Texaco, fill a cooler full of cold beer Paycheck […]

Jason Aldean – Got What I Got Lyrics

Got What I Got By Jason Aldean Lyrics She said, “Baby, do you ever miss bein’ alone?” I said, “Hell no, I don’t” She said, “Do you really think I’m […]

Jason Aldean – Blame It On You Lyrics

Blame It On You By Jason Aldean Lyrics Goin’ down like a sunset Burnin’ out like a cigarette Blowin’ thru the cash, through the past Drinking down that memory til […]

Jason Aldean – We Back Lyrics

We Back by Jason Aldean Where’s the guy in the steel toes, covered in dirt Just a Rock N Roll T-shirt, headed to work With a pack of Red Man […]