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Jason Derulo – Too Hot Lyrics

Too Hot by Jason Derulo All the ladies to the dance, oh yeah Left the rules fall, I’m a winner Now my neck froze, I’m a winner We could go […]

Jason Derulo - Mamacita Lyrics

Jason Derulo – Mamacita Lyrics

Mamacita by Jason Derulo (feat. Farruko) [Jason Derulo & Farruko] ¡Mamacita! Farru Jason Derulo Dale, dale, dale Dale, dale, dale [Jason Derulo & Farruko] Wassup? Wassup? It’s nice to know […]

Florida Georgia Line – Women Lyrics

Women Lyrics by Florida Georgia Line & Jason Derulo [Florida Georgia Line] Starting out the only one you love is mama Then you start growin’ up and wonderin’ What made […]

Jason Derulo – ASAP Lyrics

Jason Derulo – ASAP Lyrics

ASAP Lyrics by Jason Derulo Full Lyrics will be available soon. Check back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below JASON DERULO LYRICS Jason Joel Desrouleaux, […]

Vice & Jason Derulo – Make Up Lyrics

Make Up Lyrics by Vice & Jason Derulo Feat. Ava Max Released : 2018 [Jason Derulo] Come here girl Vice (ha-ha, yeah, yeah, yeah) [Jason Derulo] Uh, so tired of […]

Jason Derulo – Broke Up Lyrics

Broke Up by Jason Derulo Feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Yung Berg Released : 2018 Bro-bro-broke up with all my b------ I got rich and then broke up with all […]

Jason Derulo – Bad Behaviour Lyrics

Bad Behaviour by Jason Derulo Released : 2018 Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah You’re a good girl, that’s the way California raised ya […]

Jason Derulo – Tip Toe Lyrics

Tip Toe by Jason Derulo Feat. French Montana Released : 2017 (Wine for me darling When you move your slang is a love mean Now, why you just…) [Jason Derulo:] […]

Jason Derulo - Kiss The Sky Lyrics

Jason Derulo – Kiss The Sky Lyrics

Don’t know when we going home (But your friend could come along) I’m thinking why not, baby, why not…!? I’m looking good, don’t wanna blink Mary tells me I’m a […]

Jason Derulo – Naked Lyrics

You’re my favorite I treat my penthouse like basements, yeah I treat a bad b---- like she basic, aw yeah I hit three hundred hoes way before I was famous, […]