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Category: Jay Critch

Jay Critch – Spooky Lyrics

Spooky By Jay Critch Axel (Axel, Axel) Hey! Ayy He turned his back on gang for a lil small change, that boy is a sellout I go on private planes […]

Jay Critch – KD Freestyle Lyrics

KD Freestyle by Jay Critch It’s still Hood Fav season you stupid niggas (stupid niggas) Talk Money Gang (Talk Money Gang) Thirty, aye, aye, aye (hey) I woke up eraly this mornin’ then jumped […]

Jay Critch – Adlibs 2 Lyrics

Jay Critch – Adlibs 2 Lyrics

Adlibs 2 Lyrics by Jay Critch Had to steal for the money, we got past Shit get real outside, shit get tragic Niggas still outside we in traffic Niggas still […]