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Category: JayDaYoungan

JayDaYoungan – Don’t GAF Lyrics

Don’t GAF Lyrics by JayDaYoungan: They wanna see me locked the way They see the youngin’ getting cake They always posting on the gram But we don’t play any of […]

JayDaYoungan – 23 Island Lyrics

23 Island by JayDaYoungan Damn BT New money, old money keep piling New bag, brand new deposit New bag, brand new deposit New money, old money keep piling This s--- […]

JayDaYoungan – Flash Out Lyrics

Flash Out by JayDaYoungan Spazz out, they gon’ make a n---- crash out P---- s---‚ that’s what make a n---- flash out Bad talk‚ a brand new body I can […]

JayDaYoungan – Taking Ove Lyrics

Taking Ove by JayDaYoungan I remember days I ain’t have s--- I was just a youngin tryna hit a lick Now everybody hoppin’ in my f-----’ mix Now everybody hoppin’ […]

JayDaYoungan – War Ready Lyrics

War Ready by JayDaYoungan I’mma do my own s--- don’t give a f--- what y’all say If i love you and you need me just know I’m a call away […]