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Category: JayDaYoungan

JayDaYoungan - Murder Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – Murder Lyrics

Murder Lyrics – JayDaYoungan They know that its murder, when them niggas see me No rats in my circle, all these niggas cheesy Smoking on that purple ? what I’m […]

JayDaYoungan - ZaZa Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – ZaZa Lyrics

ZaZa Lyrics – JayDaYoungan Drugs in my body got me moving like a papa Smoking real gas this that zaza Pull up going real fast in a drop top Laughing […]

JayDaYoungan - Fuck Shit Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – Fuck Shit Lyrics

Nigga, fuck the opps, we the opps Bitch ass niggas already know how we rockin’ When we catch you, we gon’ split your shit nigga (Hmm, hmm, hmm) I’m on […]

JayDaYoungan - Do Your Dance Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – Do Your Dance Lyrics

Do Your Dance By JayDaYoungan (Haha, MrBlackOnDaTrack) (HeartBeatz on the track) (The Heroes) Thinkin’ ’bout droppin’ the bag, I am the bag Hop in and smash, I do the dash […]

JayDaYoungan - IDK Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – IDK Lyrics

IDK By JayDaYoungan (Ace Lex got a full one) Oh, oh, yeah, yeah Mm-mm (Yeah, I don’t know) Ooh, ooh (I don’t know) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Yeah, oh, woah […]

JayDaYoungan - Meet The Doctor Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – Meet The Doctor Lyrics

Meet The Doctor By JayDaYoungan You know what the fuck goin’ on (Trapman TwoThree) I still got James Harden wit’ that rocket Bitch, I’m tryna catch a body If you […]

JayDaYoungan - 10 For 10 Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – 10 For 10 Lyrics

10 For 10 By JayDaYoungan (Treyo Snapped) God damn, I’m heartless [?] when I walk in the party Grab on my hip, it’s a .40 (Bang) Don’t downplay me like […]

JayDaYoungan - Nightmares Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – Nightmares Lyrics

Nightmares By JayDaYoungan (Seph GotTheWaves) Say mmm (Gotta blast), say ooh Say mmm, say ooh Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh (Say oh), oh-oh-oh Say mmm (Run that shit up Eighty8), say ooh It’s […]

JayDaYoungan - Try Me Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – Try Me Lyrics

Try Me By JayDaYoungan (Ayy, Rashonn, this beat go crazy) Bitch, I ain’t Dej Loaf so don’t you try me (Jah, heat it up) Murder one, top, one, two, three […]

JayDaYoungan - Step Lyrics

JayDaYoungan – Step Lyrics

Step By JayDaYoungan (Damn, BT) Oh, woah, oh, woah Oh, oh Hmm-mmmmm Oh, oh I said I stepped out with that stick, I’ma tryna step (I’m tryna step) Just think […]