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Jessica Baio – ​​​​catalyst Lyrics

catalyst Lyrics – Jessica Baio ‘Kay No, I don’t know It’s exhausting Just constantly learning about everything

Jessica Baio – ​​​​cycles Lyrics

cycles Lyrics – Jessica Baio Why’d you text me when you had a bad day? At least you reached out when it was my birthday In the worst way Try

Jessica Baio – ​​​​lethal Lyrics

lethal Lyrics – Jessica Baio You didn’t think I’d catch on You keep secrets but I see it I’m not playing your games You might’ve fooled ’em all but I

Jessica Baio – ​​​​trust issues Lyrics

​​trust issues Lyrics – Jessica Baio Did you notice you were driving past me Riding in the back seat when I saw you with her? Eighty-three days since you ended

Jessica Baio – ​​start over Lyrics

​start over Lyrics – Jessica Baio & Mykyl I just don’t feel those sparks fly, not anymore The way that my heart used to melt right through to the floor

Jessica Baio – ​never a question Lyrics

​never a question Lyrics – Jessica Baio I hate when I first wake up How I look with no makeup But you don’t I hate how I overthink And worry

Jessica Baio – someday Lyrics

someday Lyrics – Jessica Baio I never met your dad You lost him when you were just ten I know you wish he was here So you could leave him

Jessica Baio – At Least Lyrics

At Least Lyrics – Jessica Baio I lose my composure My thoughts are bipolar Push you out, then pull you close Inside Are bottled up feelings Silently screaming But when