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Category: Jessie Reyez

Jessie Reyez – Crazy Lyrics

Crazy By Jessie Reyez Crazy, I’m crazy for feelin’ so lonely I’m crazy, crazy for feelin’ so blue I knew you’d love me as long as you wanted And then someday, you’d leave me […]

Jessie Reyez – Far Away Lyrics

Far Away by Jessie Reyez Lyrics: Hand on the Bible (Lord have mercy) I think you’re the love of my life (Yeah) Maybe ’cause you hop on a flight to find me I […]

Jessie Reyez – Imported Lyrics

Imported Lyrics by Jessie Reyez Feat. JRM [Jessie Reyez] Hi, my name is “Doesn’t matter” I like making bad decisions Let’s wake up like nothing happened If we do it, […]

Jessie Reyez – Dear Yessie Lyrics

Dear Yessie by Jessie Reyez This is the realest I’ve ever been, realest I’ve ever been B----, a minority, they wouldn’t let me in B----, a minority, vexen’ you’re pressin’ […]

Jessie Reyez – F**k Being Friends Lyrics

F**k Being Friends Lyrics by Jessie Reyez [Jessie Reyez] F--- being friends (Say it again, girl) F--- being friends (We don’t pretend) [Jessie Reyez] I got your heart in my […]

Jessie Reyez – Sola Lyrics

Sola Lyrics by Jessie Reyez [Jessie Reyez] Te conviene no decirme que me quieres Prefiero que te alejes Prefiero que me dejes sola Te conviene no andar firmando papeles Ni […]

Jessie Reyez – Saint Nobody Lyrics

Saint Nobody Lyrics by Jessie Reyez [Jessie Reyez] I think about dying every day I’ve been told that that’s a little strange, yeah But I guess I’ve always been a […]

Jessie Reyez – Body Count Remix Lyrics

Body Count Remix by Jessie Reyez Feat. Kehlani & Normani Released : 2018 [Intro: Jessie Reyez] Yeah You don’t gotta tell me ’bout your body count I don’t gotta know […]

Jessie Reyez – Apple Juice Lyrics

Apple Juice Lyrics by Jessie Reyez [Jessie Reyez] Broken home baby I can never blame you No one ever taught you how to love right No one ever taught you […]

Jessie Reyez – Body Count Lyrics

Body Count by Jessie Reyez Released : 2018 You don’t gotta tell me ’bout your body count And I don’t gotta know your ex’s name ‘Cause if it just so […]

Jessie Reyez – Shutter Island Lyrics

[Jessie Reyez] The goodbyes are getting old Next time you can go ahead and go I’m tired of begging you to love me Goodness, gracious, you’re amazing According to you, […]