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Category: Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko - stranger Lyrics

Jhené Aiko – stranger Lyrics

stranger Lyrics – Joshua Bassett Yeah, yeah, ah Similar ways, similar game Starting to feel the similar pain Are you sure we haven’t met before? I know ya face, I […]

Jhené Aiko - Vote Lyrics

Jhené Aiko – Vote Lyrics

Vote Lyrics By Jhené Aiko (Mity did the beat, you know I’m ’bout to go up) Yeah, I just wanna focus on my vote I ain’t got no time, I […]

Jhené Aiko - All Good Lyrics

Jhené Aiko – All Good Lyrics

All Good By Jhené Aiko Why you let me hurt you so bad? Why you let me get you so mad? Something I do not understand Dealing with a delicate […]

Jhené Aiko - Come On Lyrics

Jhené Aiko – Come On Lyrics

Come On By Jhené Aiko Make love to me, come on Come on, come on Keep fuckin’ me ’til the mornin’ Come on, come on Kiss it, suck it, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh […]

Jhené Aiko - Down Again Lyrics

Jhené Aiko – Down Again Lyrics

Down Again By Jhené Aiko I’ma get the bag, I’ma get the bag I’ma get the money while they mad, you gon’ make me laugh I’ma pull the duffle out […]

Jhené Aiko - Summer 2020 Lyrics

Jhené Aiko – Summer 2020 Lyrics

Summer 2020 By Jhené Aiko And I feel like sometimes I cry ‘Cause I feel so good to be alive And there’s not a doubt inside my mind That you’re […]

Jhené Aiko – Speak Lyrics

Speak By Jhene Aiko Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh, ooh, ahh Woke up this morning Heart was beating out my chest So excited, realizing That you weren’t here […]

Jhené Aiko – B.S. Lyrics

B.S. By Jhene Aiko Yeah Yeah Uh Back up on my b- Done dealing with you Yeah Back up on my bullshit Back up on the scene Done dealing with […]