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Category: Jidenna

Jidenna – Worth the Weight Lyrics

Worth the Weight by Jidenna People, confusion going on Why don’t we just learn how to live with one another? It’s not really impossible, why do we have to make it so hard? With […]

Jidenna – 85 to Africa Lyrics

85 to Africa by Jidenna Uh, yeah I need a new conversation I need a new obligation Sick of niggas consumed by the matrix And their white people rude allegations I took my […]

Jidenna – Babouche Lyrics

Babouche by Jidenna Look at how I do it with the Babouche 116th Street Babouche Kimono on a suit, lookin’ like a cape So ahead of my time, I should probably wait Lady on […]

Jidenna – Vaporiza Lyrics

Vaporiza by Jidenna Juju baby, muah ‘moiselle You so crazy, I’m scatterbrain myself Juju baby, show me the way The way of [?] I’m gonna get what I want now (Oh, oh, oh) Just […]

Jidenna – Pretty & Afraid Lyrics

Pretty & Afraid by Jidenna I don’t wanna have no more regrets This is as good as it’s gonna get I’m in a sunken place, I’m in a, in a hole I need an […]

Jidenna – Jungle Fever Lyrics

Jungle Fever by Jidenna Man, my Papa drove a cab, right on Massachusetts Ave’ Had to pay for undergrad, and my teeth, studied math Black funky engineer, like his parents, had that flair Cigarettes […]