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Category: Joeboy

Joeboy - Alcohol Lyrics

Joeboy – Alcohol Lyrics

Alcohol Lyrics Joeboy We no go fall We go go, we go win You go know All of the blessings fall on my yard Blessings Dey for my yard And […]

Joeboy - Sugar Mama Lyrics

Joeboy – Sugar Mama Lyrics

Sugar Mama Lyrics – Joeboy She up in my yard Calling my phone She tell me she love me say she no go let me go She fly me to […]

Joeboy - Oh Lyrics

Joeboy – Oh Lyrics

Oh Lyrics – Joeboy Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh Ti n ba lowo lapo Mo ma na Na de jaye Ori mi Sisi […]

Joeboy - Oshe Lyrics

Joeboy – Oshe Lyrics

Oshe Lyrics – Joeboy It’s another day Wey I dey see your face I can’t believe sey me and you go dey Nobody Finna take your place Dem no fit […]

Joeboy - Consent Lyrics

Joeboy – Consent Lyrics

Consent Lyrics – Joeboy Joro! Gimme your consent I no go do yama yama things I no go do nonsense You be solution To my problem Na why I waka […]

Joeboy - Show Me Lyrics

Joeboy – Show Me Lyrics

Show Me Lyrics – Joeboy Lady I dey call you answer Baby me I want to pamper You today Gimme chance me I no go use you play Oh na […]

Joeboy - Runaway Lyrics

Joeboy – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway Lyrics – Joeboy (I think I drink too much) Runaway Oh baby please stay abeg no runaway from me ‘Cause I dey think about you night and day day […]

Joeboy - Door Lyrics

Joeboy – Door Lyrics

Door Lyrics – Joeboy (Joeboy ‘pon deck) I wanna talk about the things I wanna talk about the things wey I dey feel (Things wey i dey feel) I no […]

Joeboy - Police Lyrics

Joeboy – Police Lyrics

Police Lyrics – Joeboy The night time is the right time Oya pull up let’s have a good time (Good time) Arrest me with your slow whine Let’s make a […]

Joeboy - Number One Lyrics

Joeboy – Number One Lyrics

Number One Lyrics – Joeboy Whatever you dey do you for putty jara And anything they wanna say doesn’t really matter Don’t stay far from me Baby just come closer […]

Joeboy - Focus Lyrics

Joeboy – Focus Lyrics

Focus Lyrics – Joeboy Oo no no ye ye ye Focus, sey me I dey try focus Girl na you dey scatter my thinking Oh and I no dey know […]