Joesef - Permanent Damage Lyrics

Joesef – Permanent Damage Lyrics

Permanent Damage Lyrics – Joesef You should hear it The quiet sound of knowing there is nothing left to say ...

Joesef - Didn't Know How (To Love You) Lyrics

Joesef – Didn’t Know How (To Love You) Lyrics

Didn’t Know How (To Love You) Lyrics – Joesef (One, two, three, and) When you touch me, it just doesn’t ...

Joesef - Apt 22 Lyrics

Joesef – Apt 22 Lyrics

Apt 22 Lyrics – Joesef I don’t know what I need Remember when you used to care Both your hands ...

Joesef - Shower Lyrics

Joesef – Shower Lyrics

Shower Lyrics – Joesef Both of us get in the shower You said that that was our thing Sitting down ...

Joesef - Blue Car Lyrics

Joesef – Blue Car Lyrics

Blue Car Lyrics – Joesef You spill like soft wax on the carpet I can’t get you out I pour ...

Joesef - Moment Lyrics

Joesef – Moment Lyrics

Moment Lyrics – Joesef Difference Sitting across from me, I can feel the change in you In how you move ...

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