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Category: John Legend

John Legend – Bigger Love Lyrics

Bigger Love By John Legend I don’t wanna think about nothing Just watching you dancing Feel like the beginning of something In the end, in the end All I wanna […]

John Legend – Actions Lyrics

Actions By John Legend La da da da da here I go again, with another love song that I wasted Just another love run out of patience, she don’t want […]

John Legend – Oh Pitera Lyrics

Oh Pitera by John Legend Oh, Pitera Oh, Pitera Oh, Pitera You’re my Miracle Water. My skin has never been smoother, I owe it to you, And the magical, miracle […]

John Legend – We Need Love Lyrics

We Need Love by John Legend (From Songland) Verse 1: To many brothers fallen, To many mothers cry, To many prayers have bounced back from the sky, To much talkin, […]