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Category: John Legend

John Legend – Oh Pitera Lyrics

Oh Pitera by John Legend Oh, Pitera Oh, Pitera Oh, Pitera You’re my Miracle Water. My skin has never been smoother, I owe it to you, And the magical, miracle […]

John Legend – We Need Love Lyrics

We Need Love by John Legend (From Songland) Verse 1: To many brothers fallen, To many mothers cry, To many prayers have bounced back from the sky, To much talkin, […]

John Legend – Preach Lyrics

Preach Lyrics by John Legend [John Legend] Every day I wake and everything is broken Turnin’ off my phone just to get out of bed Get home every evenin’ and […]

John Legend – A Good Night Lyrics

A Good Night by John Legend Feat. BloodPop® Released : 2018 I had no intention I would get f----- up tonight When I looked in your eyes and they went […]

John Legend – Everything’s Alright Lyrics

Everything’s Alright by John Legend Released : 2018 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit […]

John Legend – In America Lyrics

In America by John Legend Released : 2017 In America, in America I poured my sweat in America This land is my land It’s America I broke my back for […]

John Legend – Start A Fire Lyrics

”Start A Fire” From : La La Land Soundtracks Label: Interscope Records I don’t know why I keep moving my body I don’t know if this is wrong or if […]

John Legend – One Woman Man Lyrics

One Woman Man by John Legend [From Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack] I always believed that love was surrender And I wouldn’t go down without a fight I always left room […]

John Legend – Same Old Story Lyrics

Same Old Story Lyrics by John Legend Nobody’s buying There ain’t any truth to it The fact is you’re lying But I’m getting used to it Promising we’ll stay together […]