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Category: Johnny Orlando

Teenage Fever EP 2019

01. Sleep
02. Last Summer
03. Piece of My Heart
04. Deep Down
05. Waste My Time
06. Why

Johnny Orlando – Why Lyrics

Why Lyrics By Johnny Orlando Tell you I don’t want you when all I really wanna do is tell you that I miss you It’s easy to approach you, you […]

Johnny Orlando – Deep Down Lyrics

Deep Down Lyrics By Johnny Orlando I remember talkin’ bout our lives in your mama’s backyard How we used to make all kinds of plans that were gonna go far […]

Johnny Orlando – Last Summer Lyrics

Last Summer Lyrics By Johnny Orlando Thinking ’bout the things that she said to me Last summer Thinking ’bout the memories of last summer Last summer All I’m trying to […]

Johnny Orlando – Sleep Lyrics

Sleep Lyrics By Johnny Orlando Lights are getting low Everyone’s gone But I don’t wanna go Stay a little while I know it’s late But all we got is time […]