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Category: Joji

Joji - MODUS Lyrics

Joji – MODUS Lyrics

MODUS Lyrics By Joji Speed it up, slow it down I need control, I need it now I need to live a thousand times I cannot stop, I cannot cry […]

Joji - Tick Tock Lyrics

Joji – Tick Tock Lyrics

Tick Tock Lyrics By Joji Yeah (Oh) Tick tock Heavy like a Brinks truck Looking like I’m tip-top Shining like a wristwatch Time will grab your wrist Lock it down […]

Joji - Upgrade Lyrics

Joji – Upgrade Lyrics

Upgrade Lyrics By Joji Guess I’m flyin’ international We can meet, but no more lies at the oriental Now I’m so professional I just need you one more time to […]

Joji - High Hopes Lyrics

Joji – High Hopes Lyrics

High Hopes Lyrics By Joji High hopes High hopes High hopes High hopes A little messed up, do you feel it? A little bit of this and a little bit […]

Joji - NITROUS Lyrics

Joji – NITROUS Lyrics

NITROUS Lyrics By Joji Ooh, out of sight, girl I’m out of sight Down the other side, I don’t want no stripes Got my insides look like motorcycles Girl don’t […]

Joji - Pretty Boy Lyrics

Joji – Pretty Boy Lyrics

Pretty Boy Lyrics By Joji I’m a, I’m a, I’m a-I’m a-I’m a-I’m a (One, two, three, four) I’m a pretty boy livin’ on the West side Livin’ so loud, […]