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Category: Jon Bellion

Glory Sound Prep (Album 2018)

1.  Conversations with my Wife
2.  JT
3.  Let’s Begin
4.  Stupid Deep
5.  The Internet
6.  Blu
7.  Adult Swim
8.  Couples Retreat
9.  Cautionary Tales
10.  Mah’s Joint

Jon Bellion – Mah’s Joint Lyrics

Mah’s Joint Lyrics by Jon Bellion Been watching you for months and I’m tryin’ to find a way now To tell you what I’m seeing, it’s heavy on my brain […]

Jon Bellion - Couples Retreat Lyrics

Jon Bellion – Couples Retreat Lyrics

Couples Retreat Lyrics by Jon Bellion [Verse 1] I might have been tired, you might have been hungry I might have said something, you might have done nothing You know […]

Jon Bellion - Adult Swim Lyrics

Jon Bellion – Adult Swim Lyrics

Adult Swim Lyrics by Jon Bellion [Christopher Sabat] TUAMIE has developed a new hyperbolic time chamber Here on Namek, we’ll be focusing on the mental Training starts now, begin [Jon […]

Jon Bellion – Blu Lyrics

Blu Lyrics by Jon Bellion Messing with my pride, thinking anytime You could just get up and go Then I realize, what the hell is love If you’re in complete […]

Jon Bellion - The Internet Lyrics

Jon Bellion – The Internet Lyrics

The Internet Lyrics by Jon Bellion [Jon Bellion] Life became dangerous the day we all became famous No one cares if you’re happy, just as long as you claim it, […]

Jon Bellion – Let’s Begin Lyrics

Let’s Begin Lyrics by Jon Bellion [Roc Marciano] You already know how we came up I’m saying it was a real pain in the butt If it’s paper to touch, […]

Jon Bellion – Stupid Deep Lyrics

Stupid Deep Lyrics by Jon Bellion Released: 2018 [Chorus] What if who I hoped to be was always me? And the love I fought to feel was always free? What […]

Jon Bellion – JT Lyrics

JT Lyrics by Jon Bellion Released : 2018 [Verse 1: Jon Bellion & Travis Mendes] A song a day for six years seems like light years away from today (Hey, hey, […]

Jon Bellion – All Time Low Lyrics

I was the knight in shining armour in your movie Would put your lips on mine and love the aftertaste Now I’m a ghost, I call your name, you look […]