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Category: Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi – Call Me Country Lyrics

Call Me Country by Jon Pardi: Lyrics: I’m a ghost on the radio A needle on the vinyl A country boy survival The bottom of a bottle I’m a fightin’ […]

Jon Pardi – Oughta Know That Lyrics

Oughta Know That by Jon Pardi: Lyrics: Anybody else find themselves In a ‘shoulda done this, shoulda done that’? Try to do the best you can ‘Cause you wanna be […]

Jon Pardi – Tied One On Lyrics

Tied One On by Jon Pardi: Lyrics: She said, “I’m tired of those boots being dirty all the time All your huntin’ stuff and your three-day scruff you know I […]

Jon Pardi – Old Hat Lyrics

Old Hat by Jon Pardi: Lyrics: These days they call you crazy If you hold the door for a lady If you don’t call her girl ‘stead of baby You’re […]

Jon Pardi – Night Shift Lyrics

Night Shift by Jon Pardi It’s been a wreck me week Sixty plus from dawn to dusk In the red dirt heat Busting it up for a couple of bucks […]