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Category: Josh A

Josh A - TRAUMA Lyrics

Josh A – TRAUMA Lyrics

TRAUMA Lyrics – Josh A I got traumas that I run from Can’t let go of all the pain And I just want someone to show me, tell me that […]

Josh A - ADDICTION Lyrics

Josh A – ADDICTION Lyrics

ADDICTION Lyrics – Josh A And I don’t even know how I got this far Don’t even bother tryna save me I don’t like the drugs, but the drugs like […]

Josh A - EASIER Lyrics

Josh A – EASIER Lyrics

EASIER Lyrics – Josh A I won’t die if they put me in a casket I’ll be fine ’cause you know I’m always on my own I’ma try just to […]

Josh A - FLOAT AWAY Lyrics

Josh A – FLOAT AWAY Lyrics

FLOAT AWAY Lyrics – Josh A You were my light in a world of darkness I always try my hardest And I know I got a lot on my plate, […]

Josh A - PAINLESS Lyrics

Josh A – PAINLESS Lyrics

PAINLESS Lyrics – Josh A Had to cut her off, it was painless Showed me fake love, it was shameless I should’ve known that we would never make it Now […]

Josh A - ANXIOUS Lyrics

Josh A – ANXIOUS Lyrics

ANXIOUS Lyrics – Josh A I don’t really know where I’m going Feels like everyone found their story All my stress been overflowing I just count my days now- I […]