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Category: Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas – ISIS Lyrics

ISIS Lyrics by Joyner Lucas [Intro:] “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or better known as ADHD is a mental disorder that affects an individual’s ability to focus, causing them to move […]

Joyner Lucas – Winter Blues Lyrics

Winter Blues Lyrics by Joyner Lucas [Joyner Lucas] Damn I feel so loose, I’m about to pop s--- What’s a man to do when he’s out of options I ain’t […]

Joyner Lucas – Just Because Lyrics

Just Because Lyrics by Joyner Lucas [Joyner Lucas] Just because Just because [Joyner Lucas] No, smoke, damn I just, wanna, vibe Wanna, ride, we get, ghost, yeah Pour it, drink […]

Joyner Lucas – Long Way Lyrics

Long Way Lyrics by Joyner Lucas [Joyner Lucas] Aw yea, ask em what they call me I’m the one that paid it for ya hoes ain’t get s--- all day […]

Joyner Lucas – I’m Sorry Lyrics

I’m Sorry Lyrics by Joyner Lucas [Joyner Lucas] Go ahead and call me a coward And say that I’m not strong, because I’m not like you Go ahead and call […]

Joyner Lucas – Way To Go Lyrics

Way To Go Lyrics by Joyner Lucas [Snoh Aalegra & Joyner Lucas] I got pain in my soul (way to go) And I ain’t prayed in so long (I said, way […]

Joyner Lucas – FYM Lyrics

FYM Lyrics by Joyner Lucas [Joyner Lucas] Picture me putting my city all over the map (Whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah) They wasn’t believers, I had to get even at math […]

Joyner Lucas – Zeze Freestyle Lyrics

Zeze Freestyle Lyrics Joyner Lucas Ahh, s--- Joyner! Yo, n----’s saying, “What a great battle” But you about to see a f------ snake rattle Boy, you just a pony with […]

Joyner Lucas – Litty Freestyle Lyrics

Litty Freestyle Lyrics Joyner Lucas What’s up with you R&B n----- tryna turn rappers and trappers (Joyner, Joyner) You should just stay in your lane, bro, you sound like PaRappa […]

Joyner Lucas – I Love Lyrics

I Love by Joyner Lucas Released : 2018 Get away from me If I was you, I would watch what you say to me Snakes all in my bed, wanna […]