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Category: JP Saxe

JP Saxe – 25 in Barcelona Lyrics

25 in Barcelona By JP Saxe I thought you woulda called yesterday I said I didn’t want you to but I still thought you would I don’t know what I […]

JP Saxe – 3 Minutes Lyrics

3 Minutes By JP Saxe I get insecure for stupid reasons I tell myself I shouldn’t but I feel it And you get kinda stubborn when you’re wrong You’re just […]

JP Saxe – Explain You Lyrics

Explain You By JP Saxe My therapist Called you a learning experience 1-80 an hour that’s all that he mentions Missing you is getting fucking expensive It’s been 10 months […]

JP Saxe – Hold It Together Lyrics

Hold It Together By JP Saxe When I left your house the first time I had this feeling like I’d left something behind I checked both of my pockets, had […]