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Category: Juice WRLD

American rapper

Juice WRLD - The Light Lyrics

Juice WRLD – The Light Lyrics

The Light By Juice WRLD Forever is a long ass time from tonight (Oh, oh) When it’s dark outside, you’re always the light (Light, oh, yeah) This heart of mine […]

Juice WRLD - Poison Words Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Poison Words Lyrics

Poison Words By Juice WRLD Want some more Oh, I’m down on the floor Pills got me down on the floor (ATL Jacob want some more, nigga) Fire in my […]

Juice WRLD - Confide Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Confide Lyrics

Confide By Juice WRLD I need to get right It’s a long ride (Uh) The drugs help me hide The drugs help me hide, oh I need to confide True […]

Juice WRLD - Unexplainable Lyrics

Juice WRLD – Unexplainable Lyrics

Unexplainable By Juice WRLD Music doesn’t come from your mind It comes from your soul Mm, mm, mm-mm, mm Oh, oh, oh I serve my time for all my crimes […]