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Category: Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin – Turn Me Down Lyrics

Turn Me Down Lyrics By Julia Jacklin [Verse 1] Learner driver, going 80 k’s Trying to get to Melbourne It’s probably gonna take two days Lover beside you, gripping the […]

Julia Jacklin – You Were Right Lyrics

You Were Right Lyrics By Julia Jacklin [Verse 1] Started listening to your favourite band The night I stopped listening to you You were always trying to force my hand […]

Julia Jacklin – Good Guy Lyrics

Good Guy Lyrics By Julia Jacklin [Verse 1] Tell me I’m the love of your life Just for a night Even if you don’t feel it Tell me I’m the […]

Julia Jacklin – Convention Lyrics

Convention Lyrics By Julia Jacklin [Verse 1] Do you really wanna give him the microphone? You know that he’ll keep talking long after everyone’s gone home We’ll have to pay […]