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Category: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber – All Around Me Lyrics

All Around Me By Justin Bieber Not sure what I was doing before ya I quit tryna figure it out Nothin’ like havin’ someone for you Someone besides you when […]

Justin Bieber – Habitual Lyrics

Habitual By Justin Bieber Oh no, duh, duh, duh Oh no, duh, duh, duh Flowers open when they feel the sunlight Moonrise, tide change, right before our eyes Aggressive but […]

Justin Bieber – Available Lyrics

Available By Justin Bieber Thinkin’ ’bout you, it ain’t always ’bout me Don’t make any sense or you’ll be lonely Hurry up and get here now but don’t speed I’ll […]

Justin Bieber – Forever Lyrics

Forever By Justin Bieber Could you be here with me forever, ever, ever? Would you be here with me forever, ever, ever? Wakin’ up all alone ain’t better, better, better […]

Justin Bieber – Running Over Lyrics

Running Over By Justin Bieber From the beginning it was ending We were emotionally pending Jeopardy, second guessing Got all the questions to my answers Keep runnin’ over me with […]

Justin Bieber – E.T.A. Lyrics

E.T.A. By Justin Bieber Feels like time’s moving in slow motion Just trying to occupy my mind So that I don’t go looney over you (Ooh-ooh) Just trying to amplify […]

Justin Bieber – Changes Lyrics

Changes By Justin Bieber Some days I move like water Some days I burn like fire Some days I wanna push further Some days I wanna do nothin’ And I […]

Justin Bieber – Confirmation Lyrics

Confirmation By Justin Bieber Ain’t nobody got no patience Want what they want right now (One more time) Ain’t nobody got no patience Want what they want right now Ain’t […]

Justin Bieber – Intentions Lyrics

Intentions By Justin Bieber Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer Shower you with all my attention Yeah, these are my only […]

Justin Bieber – Get Me Lyrics

Get Me by Justin Bieber [Justin Bieber] Oh, you don’t compare, don’t fit in with ’em, do you get me? Judgin’ by the way you open up, you get me Ooh, out of […]

Justin Bieber – Need More Lyrics

Need More By Justin Bieber He laid down his life, paid the price, yeah, get that Comin’ with the drama, lil’ mama I ain’t with that Breakin’ up the bread, […]