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Category: K Camp

K CAMP – Scared of Love Lyrics

Scared of Love By K CAMP I cannot shake it, I cannot shake it My heart ain’t meant for breaking, ain’t meant for breaking I just can’t trust these hoes, […]

K CAMP – 1 Mo Time Lyrics

1 Mo Time By K CAMP Will I feel the same way about you the next day Can’t keep up all these hoes I slay Imma eat your body up […]

K CAMP - Energy Lyrics

K CAMP – Energy Lyrics

Energy By K CAMP Huh she like my energy She gon see that I’m the one that she need Now she don’t wanna leave We walked in with that drank […]

K CAMP – Top 10 Lyrics

Top 10 By K CAMP If you fuck with me, tell me that you fuck with me If you locked in, tell me that you locked in You ain’t my […]

K CAMP – What’s Your Name Lyrics

What’s Your Name By K CAMP Your walk, your talk But I can’t remember your name I remember you’re fye I remember your eyes But I can’t remember your name […]