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Category: Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis – angel Lyrics

angel By Kali Uchis Yeah, ah-ah You know, you know You know, you know Everybody wants it, everybody’s waiting Baby, you should know that you’re everything I’m craving Can we […]

Kali Uchis – TO FEEL ALIVE Lyrics

TO FEEL ALIVE By Kali Uchis I just wanna feel somethin’ I just wanna feel somethin’, yeah, yeah-yeah, hey Hey, hey-hey, hey I loved you well just for you to […]

Kali Uchis – Solita Lyrics

Solita By Kali Uchis Como una espina de rosa Cuando yo te vi con otra, fue lo que senti Te quiero pa’ mi Ere’ una calle rota, serpiente venenosa Anoche […]

Kali Uchis – After The Storm Lyrics

After The Storm by Kali Uchis Feat. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins Released : 2018 [Bootsy Collins:] Ah Whatever goes around Eventually comes back to you So you gotta […]