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Category: Kash Doll

Kash Doll - Feel Something Lyrics

Kash Doll – Feel Something Lyrics

Feel Something By Kash Doll Lyrics All these diamonds ain’t gon’ keep me warm at night Plus my jeweller he just left to catch a flight It’s a shame just […]

Kash Doll – Excuses Lyrics

Excuses By Kash Doll Lyrics May I be excused? ‘Cause I don’t wanna make excuses And when I think about the pain When I wake up on today, you might […]

Kash Doll – No Lames Lyrics

No Lames By Kash Doll Lyrics Kash Doll Summer Walker Hey Really, really wish that I could trust you Wish that it was easier to love you Guards up, back […]

Kash Doll – Buss It Lyrics

Buss It By Kash Doll Lyrics Work that a-- (Ha) Work, work that a-- (Kash Doll, ha) Work that a-- (Hey) Thirty you a motherfuckin’ fool n---- Hey Where you […]

Kash Doll – Doin Too Much Lyrics

Doin Too Much By Kash Doll Lyrics She like, Kash B---- you doing too much I’m like shut up hoe Hoe you ain’t doing enough Oh you f------ mad That’s […]

Kash Doll – Krazy Lyrics

Krazy By Kash Doll Lyrics Fast Life Got this crazy-a-- girl, huh She’s crazy as hell But I like it Heartbroken, no emotions, unfoldin’ Eye’s swollen, we had a fight […]

Kash Doll – On Sight Lyrics

On Sight By Kash Doll Lyrics One time if you nasty (If you nasty) Yeah Gotta [?] on you keep it fancy (Uh, yeah) I’ma give you some you can […]

Kash Doll – So Amazing Lyrics

So Amazing By Kash Doll Lyrics Walk up in the spot like I’m the s--- because I am (I am) Brand new bezel, glossy hair down to my a-- (A--) […]

Kash Doll – KD Diary Lyrics

KD Diary By Kash Doll Lyrics Ever since I was a seed, I ain’t got nothin’ free Pops died on my b-day ‘fore I knew how to speak I’m the […]

Kash Doll – Mobb’n Lyrics

Mobb’n by Kash Doll LYRICS Don’t f--- with me I pull up wit the robbers Pretty mob b----, we pullin’ up like we mobsters Don’t f--- with me I pull […]

Kash Doll – Here I Go Lyrics

Here I Go by Kash Doll …these dumb a-- b------, I’m having a blast I heard you b------ was looking for me, b---- here I go! I heard you b------ […]

Kash Doll – Ready Set Lyrics

Ready Set Lyrics by Kash Doll (feat. Big Sean) Kash Doll Big Sean Daytrip took it to ten, ha Ready set, betta yet Got this b---- rocking like we never […]

Kash Doll – Kitten Lyrics

Kitten by Kash Doll ISM on the beat, I had to bless her like booty Dog a-- n----, only want the kitten I don’t wanna give ’em no love (No […]