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KAYTRANADA – 2 The Music Lyrics

2 The Music By KAYTRANADA Did you know that there’s a party going on today? Hoping I and you could dance the night away But you’re hiding, you don’t have […]


Go DJ By KAYTRANADA The blunt still burnin’, the clock still turnin’ The waist keep winin’ while her a-- keep twerkin’ The DJ’s on my team, I’m certain the DJ’s […]

KAYTRANADA – Gray Area Lyrics

Gray Area By KAYTRANADA Talkin’ ’bout timin’ Wake up like five in the mornin’ ‘fore the sun come up I’m grindin’ S--- ain’t always black and white, sometimes you gotta […]

KAYTRANADA – Need It Lyrics

Need It By KAYTRANADA Ayy, don’t mess this up, they can have my money Come too far to rely on punting Set me up for a life of honey Milk […]

KAYTRANADA – Taste Lyrics

Taste By KAYTRANADA If you want a taste, what you bring to the plate? If you want a taste, bring something to the plate, yeah If you want a taste, […]


Oh No By KAYTRANADA Gimme a reason, gimme a reason, to go ‘Cause I can’t stand to be here watching you break some soul Gimme your silence, watching me walk […]

KAYTRANADA – What You Need Lyrics

What You Need By KAYTRANADA I never wanted you to see this part of me I wish you woulda told the truth Oh, than make us settle Doin’ something wrong […]

KAYTRANADA – Vex Oh Lyrics

Vex Oh By KAYTRANADA Me no lie, me no lie Got lost in her eyes Found something I like, yeah Weren’t even my type Me no lie, me no lie […]

KAYTRANADA – Freefall Lyrics

Freefall By KAYTRANADA I just wanna let go, freefall I don’t wanna not trust no one I just wanna let go, freefall Catch me, baby, here I come (Oh) Catch […]

KAYTRANADA – Culture Lyrics

Culture By KAYTRANADA XO, XO, XO, XO XO, XO, XO, XO I need a lover I need someone who understands I ain’t your mother Don’t spend my time with just […]

KAYTRANADA – Midsection Lyrics

Midsection By KAYTRANADA La, la, la, la, la-la-la-la-la La, la, la, la, la-la-la-la-la Can’t you feel it? Hear them, don’t you see? Stand up, dance about it Don’t just look […]

KAYTRANADA – 10% Lyrics

10% By KAYTRANADA You keep on takin’ from me But where’s my 10%? You keep on takin’ from me I wonder where you went? You keep on takin’ from me […]