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DO IT By KAYTRANADA Yeah, do it Yeah, do it Yeah, do it Yeah, do it Woah, woah (Yeah) Woah, woah (Do it) Woah, woah (Yeah) Woah, woah (Do it) […]

KAYTRANADA – 2 The Music Lyrics

2 The Music By KAYTRANADA Did you know that there’s a party going on today? Hoping I and you could dance the night away But you’re hiding, you don’t have […]


Go DJ By KAYTRANADA The blunt still burnin’, the clock still turnin’ The waist keep winin’ while her ass keep twerkin’ The DJ’s on my team, I’m certain the DJ’s […]

KAYTRANADA – Gray Area Lyrics

Gray Area By KAYTRANADA Talkin’ ’bout timin’ Wake up like five in the mornin’ ‘fore the sun come up I’m grindin’ Shit ain’t always black and white, sometimes you gotta […]

KAYTRANADA – Need It Lyrics

Need It By KAYTRANADA Ayy, don’t mess this up, they can have my money Come too far to rely on punting Set me up for a life of honey Milk […]

KAYTRANADA – Taste Lyrics

Taste By KAYTRANADA If you want a taste, what you bring to the plate? If you want a taste, bring something to the plate, yeah If you want a taste, […]