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Category: Kehlani

Kehlani – All Me Lyrics

All Me By Kehlani When you see him, know that, that’s all me When you see him, know that, that’s all me When you see him, know that, that’s all […]

Kehlani – You Know Wassup Lyrics

You Know Wassup By Kehlani This used to be my favorite time of the morning Text you like, “Good Morning” It’s been a day, we ain’t spoken All of me feels frozen, how could […]

Kehlani – Love Language Lyrics

Love Language Lyrics By Kehlani [Kehlani] A lot of ways to love you, teach me through your eyes What is needed for you, needed in your life? Don’t wanna go […]

Kehlani – PG Lyrics

RPG Lyrics By Kehlani [Kehlani] You told me I’m beautiful ‘Cause I told you you don’t tell me enough You’re lying next to me ‘Cause I told you you don’t […]

Kehlani – Feels Lyrics

Feels Lyrics By Kehlani [Kehlani] I ask myself, “Is this s--- real?” I contemplate ’bout how I feel But you make it way too hard to think That this could […]

Kehlani – Morning Glory Lyrics

Morning Glory Lyrics By Kehlani [Kehlani] I wanna take my wig off I wanna lay it on the nightstand I wanna take my makeup off I wanna rip these nails […]

Kehlani – Too Deep Lyrics

Too Deep Lyrics By Kehlani [Kehlani] I argue with my side thing (Yuh) Way more than my main thing (Yuh) I thought we were just f-----’ I can’t fall in […]

Kehlani – Footsteps Lyrics

Footsteps Lyrics By Kehlani [Kehlani] Patience could’ve done us well ‘Cause I could tell that all we lack was presence And I would’ve fell, you could’ve helped [Kehlani] But here’s […]

Kehlani – Nunya Lyrics

Nunya Lyrics by Kehlani ft. Dom Kennedy [Kehlani] Why you asking ’bout X, Y, Z? Why you worried ’bout who was f-----’ me? Who used to ride in my SUV? […]

Kehlani – Butterfly Lyrics

Butterfly Lyrics by Kehlani [KEHLANI] Know we’re scared of us, what this might become Ain’t no goin’ back no more, no more We’re in the same bed, cannot lay awake […]

Kehlani – Nights Like This Lyrics

Nights Like This Lyrics (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) [Kehlani] You act like you need remindin’ Tryna do it over, bring it back and rewind it But all that glitters isn’t […]

Kehlani – Already Won Lyrics

Already Won by Kehlani Released : 2017 I already won I got the keys to my hood Mama say she good Doing what I should I already won I got […]

Kehlani – Gangsta Lyrics

Gangsta by Kehlani Album : SweetSexySavage Released : 2017 Genres: R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop Labels : HBK Gang, Atlantic I need a gangsta To love me better Than all the others do […]