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Category: Kehlani

Kehlani – Can I Lyrics

Can I By Kehlani This shit’s so good, should be illegal Need round two, I need a sequel Hit the backboard like a free throw You next level, you a […]

Kehlani – Bad News Lyrics

Bad News By Kehlani I watched you turn yourself to a made man All the little things that made you You can count the ways that I stayed down Can’t […]

Kehlani – Real Hot Girl Skit Lyrics

Real Hot Girl Skit By Kehlani See, this the best motherfucking pussy a nigga ever had in his motherfuckin’ life This the type of pussy that make a nigga not […]

Kehlani – Water Lyrics

Water By Kehlani Swimming with a Pisces every night Ain’t really that deep, but he deep inside Head like a Scorpio Shy like a Cancer, water all in them planets […]

Kehlani – Change Your Life Lyrics

Change Your Life By Kehlani I heard that you a gang-gang-gangsta Not one to try to sa-sa-savor Always focus on your paper Don’t got time to wager with your heart […]