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Category: Kenny Chesney

Gulf Moon Lyrics

Kenny Chesney – Gulf Moon Lyrics

Gulf Moon by Kenny Chesney A corner dive down on the square Where the windows hang with a neon flare Regulars shoot horse and pool While the barmaid wishes the […]

Get Along Lyrics

Kenny Chesney – Get Along Lyrics

Get Along by Kenny Chesney Met a man wearin’ a t-shirt, says “Virginia is for lovers” Had a Bible in his left hand and a bottle in the other He […]

Every Heart Lyrics

Kenny Chesney – Every Heart Lyrics

Every Heart by Kenny Chesney We’re all lookin’ for a message here A little wisdom on a souvenir Another bottle with an S.O.S Throw it in the water and pray […]

Kenny Chesney – Better Boat Lyrics

Better Boat by Kenny Chesney (feat. Mindy Smith) I ain’t lonely, but I spend a lot of time alone More than I’d like to, but I’m okay with staying home […]

Kenny Chesney – Pirate Song Lyrics

Pirate Song by Kenny Chesney I wish I was a pirate shipwreck down in Mexico Where the oceans turn to silver and the beaches turn to gold I’d make love […]