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Category: Kesha

Kesha – C’mon Lyrics

C’mon By Kesha Saw you leaning against that old record machine Saw the name of your band written on the marquee It’s a full moon tonight so we getting rowdy […]

Kesha – Thinking Of You Lyrics

Thinking Of You By Kesha Can I hit you later? ‘Cause it’s my jam. Rollin’ in my beat up, Gold Trans Am. Sorry, I can’t hear you, And I got […]

Kesha – Crazy Kids Lyrics

Crazy Kids By Kesha Hello, wherever you are Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar? Tonight we do it big, and shinin like stars And […]

Kesha – Wherever You Are Lyrics

Wherever You Are By Kesha It was a summer night, The stars were all aligned, You, you, you, you showed up, And blew my mind. We didn’t sleep at all, […]

Kesha – Dirty Love Lyrics

Dirty Love By Kesha [Ke$ha:] It’s Iggy Pop! [Iggy Pop:] Yeah, and Kesha. [Ke$ha:] Alright, get ’em! [Iggy Pop:] Yeah! [Ke$ha:] Don’t want your money, I’ve got my own You’re […]

Kesha – Wonderland Lyrics

Wonderland By Kesha I was a just a young kid, With time to waste. Living out of my car, Those were the days. We were all the wild ones, The […]