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Category: Kesha

Kesha – My Own Dance Lyrics

My Own Dance By Kesha Woke up this morning, feeling myself Hungover as hell like 2012, f--- it “We get it that you’ve been through a lot of s--- But life’s a b----, so […]

Kesha – Raising Hell Lyrics

Raising Hell By Kesha Lyrics Hallelujah I’m still here, still bringing it to ya Ohm like Buddha Good girls know how to get hard too, ya (Uh huh) I’m all […]

Casting Crowns – Awaken Me Lyrics

Awaken Me Lyrics Casting Crowns (Featuring Artist: Keala Settle, Kesha & Missy Elliott) [Kesha] I am not a stranger to the dark “Hide away,” they say “‘Cause we don’t want […]

The Struts & Kesha – Body Talks Lyrics

Beyond The Barricade by Colouring Released : 2018 What Your eyes follow like a spotlight Two eyes like the sun Go ahead, keep your distance from me Soon you’re gonna […]

Kesha – This Is Me Lyrics

This Is Me by Kesha (from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack) Released : 2017 I’m not a stranger to the dark “Hide away,” they say “Cause we don’t want your broken […]

Kesha – Learn To Let Go Lyrics

Been a prisoner of the past Had a bitterness when I looked back Was telling everyone it’s not that bad ‘Til all my s--- hit the fan I know I’m […]

Kesha – Rainbow Lyrics​

Rainbow by Kesha Released : 2017 I used to live in the darkness Dress in black, act so heartless, but now I see that colors are everything Got kaleidoscopes in […]

Kesha – Praying Lyrics

Praying by Kesha Released : 2017 Well, you almost had me fooled Told me that I was nothing without you Oh, but after everything you’ve done I can thank you […]

Kesha – Woman Lyrics

Woman by Kesha Released : 2017 Let’s be serious, it’s a real This is, excuse me? Ok, shut up I buy my own things, I pay my own bills These […]