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Category: keshi

keshi - MILLI Lyrics

keshi – MILLI Lyrics

MILLI Lyrics – keshi I just made a milli, I’ma say it loud I just made a milli, I’ma say it loud I just made a milli, I’ma, milli, I’ma […]

keshi - PÉRE Lyrics

keshi – PÉRE Lyrics

PÉRE Lyrics – keshi Je voudrais bien me dire : ” Ne t’inquiètes pas ” Que tout sera bien Tout ira pour le mieux car j’avais peur À ce moment-là, […]

keshi - HELLHEAVEN Lyrics

keshi – HELL/HEAVEN Lyrics

HELL/HEAVEN Lyrics – keshi Tell me more, I adore you Can’t recall life before you Anymore, I can’t afford to Give it all, I do it for you Hold me […]

keshi - ANGOSTURA Lyrics

keshi – ANGOSTURA Lyrics

ANGOSTURA Lyrics – keshi Babe, I can’t lie, you been on my mind again Go ’round one more time, yeah, we can do things you like You don’t need a […]

keshi - UNDERSTAND Lyrics

keshi – UNDERSTAND Lyrics

UNDERSTAND Lyrics – keshi Never thought that I’d find That the one in my life would be so near And now you’re here I got you, you got me When […]

keshi - LIMBO Lyrics

keshi – LIMBO Lyrics

LIMBO Lyrics – keshi I just been goin’ through motions Back and forth like a ocean I am a fraud, I am the shit Hoping that nobody notice Bang chest […]

keshi - ANGEL Lyrics

keshi – ANGEL Lyrics

ANGEL Lyrics – keshi I Just wanted to believe That maybe you’d be good to me I’m just misunderstood, you see You Never had a clue All the days that […]

keshi - GABRIEL Lyrics

keshi – GABRIEL Lyrics

GABRIEL Lyrics – keshi Wait Hold me Before you leave Stay Love me Or I’ll bleed I don’t want you to go Know that I’ll miss you so Before you […]

keshi - GET IT Lyrics

keshi – GET IT Lyrics

GET IT Lyrics – keshi Gabriel, ça peut être tout ce que tu veux, n’aie pas peur de tout vouloir, il n’y a pas assez… (keshi) Big ice, feelin’ so […]

keshi - TOUCH Lyrics

keshi – TOUCH Lyrics

TOUCH Lyrics – keshi Wrong but it feels so right Wrong but it feels so right It don’t make sense but it feels so nice Show me, show me, oh […]

keshi - SOMEBODY Lyrics

keshi – SOMEBODY Lyrics

SOMEBODY Lyrics – keshi Baby, why the hesitation? ‘Cause I know that you can feel it, too You want more and I can taste it Let me show you what […]

keshi - War With Heaven Lyrics

keshi – War With Heaven Lyrics

War With Heaven Lyrics – keshi Did you get over me? It’s been a long time now Feels like eternity It’s only been 2 hours You out here in the […]

keshi - beside you Lyrics

keshi – beside you Lyrics

beside you Lyrics – keshi It’s just you and I, and no other guys We got no interruptions and we both feelin’ the vibe Say I’m not your type But […]