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Category: keshi

keshi – right here ​Lyrics

right here by keshi: right here Lyrics: I think some words are overdue Could we just do it over? Can we just talk it out like friends, Because I need […]

keshi – skeletons Lyrics

skeletons Lyrics by keshi Stressed out Feeling lost and I don’t know what to do now What I chose ain’t really gonna work out Fallin’ six feet under, need the […]

keshi – xoxosos Lyrics

xoxosos Lyrics by keshi All we ever do is have s-- anyways Come home fight, f--- that’s everyday I don’t know if we could have any other way I was […]

keshi – summer Lyrics

summer by keshi feel like summer and i don’t wanna miss you if we don’t touch lips not an issue i don’t wanna talk bout nobody else know i said […]

keshi – atlas Lyrics

I can’t take it Tired I’m falling to my knees I’m weighted Carry me home like you used to When I burn my organs, pour the bourbon Bear my burdens […]