Key Glock – Dirt Lyrics

Dirt Lyrics – Key Glock I’m that nigga Ceeo, turn that beat up Oh, Glizock Paper Route 5L, nigga Yeah, cut the la familia, nigga It’s a family, not a

Key Glock – Randy Orton Lyrics

Randy Orton Lyrics – Key Glock (AIMONMYNECK made it) Glizock (Yeah) What’s happenin’? (Huh?) I’ma go get a bag, automatic (Yeah) I keep nina with me, she’s a baddie (Yeah)

Key Glock – Chromosomes Lyrics

Chromosomes Lyrics – Key Glock (Ayo, BandPlay) Yeah (Phew, phew) (Phew, phew, phew, phew) Bitch (Phew, phew, phew, phew) (Phew, phew, phew, phew) One, two, three, four hoes inside the

Key Glock – 2 For 1 Lyrics

2 For 1 Lyrics – Key Glock Glizock Glock Schwarzenegger (Yeah), I’ll terminate you (Uh) Arts and crafts, nigga (What?), I’m playin’ with the paper (Yeah) Sippin’ syrup, maple (Uh),

Key Glock – Pop My Shit Lyrics

Pop My Shit Lyrics – Key Glock Mr. Glock South Memphis’ finest, nigga (Hitkidd, what it do, man?) Yeah, yeah (Yeah) Uh, I pop my shit for fun I be

Key Glock – Designer Down Lyrics

Designer Down Lyrics – Key Glock Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah Glizock (G-Lock) (Bankroll Got It) Yeah, designer down with some fuckin’ J’s on (Uh) Glizock, I’m that

Key Glock – Key Rex Lyrics

Key Rex Lyrics – Key Glock Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah) Big Glock, Key Rex, might cop a T-Rex (Yeah) Chopper sing, Keith Sweat, banana clip, eat that Ran through a

Key Glock – In & Outta Town Lyrics

In & Outta Town Lyrics – Key Glock Kill the law (Yeah) (Hitkidd, what it do, man?) (Ayo, BandPlay) Cutthroat La Familia, Paper Route 5L You know what I’m sayin’?

Key Glock – Fuck Dat Shit Lyrics

Fuck Dat Shit Lyrics – Key Glock Sick of these niggas, you know what it is (BandPlay) Hmm-hmm-hmm Ayy, I just want the money, fuck the fame and all that

Key Glock – Money Over Hoes Lyrics

Money Over Hoes Lyrics – Key Glock Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Let the band play) They be like (What?) woah That young nigga right there cold (Yeah) Uh, ridin’

Key Glock – Ratchet Lyrics

Ratchet Lyrics – Key Glock G-lock, yeah (BandPlay) Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah Uh (Yeah) Old cappin’-ass niggas (Cap) Got clips, like a movie, for these actin’-ass niggas (Bah) Ten foreign whips (Phew),

Key Glock – Homicide Gvng Lyrics

Homicide Gvng Lyrics – Key Glock (Yo, Mannie) Ayy I’m a down South, diamond mouth Glock 9 toter (Glizock) Homicide gang, my young nigga ‘nem the coldest Yeah, homicide gang,

Key Glock – Fuck A Feature Lyrics

Fuck A Feature Lyrics – Key Glock (DY Krazy) Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Glizock Yeah Ahem The fuck? PRE 5L Yeah, yeah (Ayy) Yeah, I might just pay myself

Key Glock – Work Lyrics

Work Lyrics – Key Glock Band Let the BandPlay Wake up, no pancakes, just syrup Ten toes down, yeah, stay on alert I get it in like the first and

Key Glock – Forgive Me Lyrics

Forgive Me Lyrics – Key Glock We don’t know where to go Praise the lord, praise the lord We don’t know where to go Praise the lord, praise the lord

Key Glock – Spike Lee Lyrics

Spike Lee Lyrics – Key Glock (AIMONMYNECK, hit it again) (Blazer out of space, yeah) G-Lock, yeah Yeah Chrome Hearts frames on my face like Spike Lee (Spike Lee) Six

Key Glock – Die Trying Lyrics

Die Trying Lyrics – Key Glock (Band) (Let the BandPlay) Ayy, hol’ up, let me fire this blunt up, right quick Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah I’m smokin’ three-five

Key Glock – Thumbing Lyrics

Thumbing Lyrics – Key Glock (JohnnyTurnItUp) Yeah (Ayy, Morello, you blessed) Yeah Ayy, dog told me my next shit up, up, nigga All the way up, nigga (YNK on the

Key Glock – Jigsaw Lyrics

Jigsaw Lyrics – Key Glock (Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up) Ayy, I don’t fuck with niggas, ’cause these niggas act like hoes Yeah, homicide gang, roll suicide doors Uh,

Key – Ain’t Gonna Dance Lyrics

Ain’t Gonna Dance Lyrics – Key Aesseo nege gwansim eomneun deut Deonjin siseon kkeute majuchin du nun Sumgyeolmajeo beil deuthan mood Nal bikkyeogadeut seuchin jjalbeun teum But I ain’t gon’