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Category: Kiana Ledé

Kiana Ledé – Easy Breezy Lyrics

Easy Breezy By Kiana Ledé Lyrics I feel amazing while you feel indifferent Say you ain’t tripping, if not, then what is it? I’m doing me and that’s making you […]

Kiana Ledé – Title Lyrics

Title by Kiana Ledé We could let it ride, ride, ride So we could stay high, high, high This feeling all night, night, night Keep it in idle (F--- a title) Don’t care what […]

Kiana Ledé – Myself – EP Lyrics

Artist: Kiana Ledé Release Date: June 7, 2019 Genre: R&B/Soul Tracklist: 01. Can I 02. Shawty 03. Bouncin 04. If You Hate Me 05. Heavy 06. EX Read All Lyrics […]

Kiana Ledé – Heavy Lyrics

Kiana Ledé – Heavy Lyrics

Heavy by Kiana Ledé I don’t got my priorities straight Don’t know who I’m gonna be today I’m no victim, but I deal with s--- on the daily Something pullin’, […]

Kiana Ledé – Bouncin Lyrics

Bouncin by Kiana Ledé Rrrr Somethin’, my body’s sayin’ somethin’ I’m underwater, drownin’ I know that I ain’t trippin’ Can’t leave without it Bounce, then, I’ll take you to my […]

Kiana Ledé – Shawty Lyrics

Shawty by Kiana Ledé I need to figure out what I want Need a chance to miss you when you ain’t around To give you something [?] This ain’t the […]

Kiana Ledé – Can I Lyrics

Can I Lyrics by Kiana Ledé Made a mistake I keep it straight with you I wasn’t capable of keeping away from you I can’t even flex ‘Cause not even […]

Kiana Ledé Lyrics

Kiana Ledé – Wicked Games Lyrics

Wicked Games by Kiana Ledé You love to be a trouble maker Leaving now then f--- me later It’s always later later later later And I let you come back […]

Kiana Ledé Lyrics

Kiana Ledé – Ex Lyrics

Ex by Kiana Ledé Hey… hm We went from 2 a.m. calls to zero communication, yeah We spent too long in heaven, yeah We felt the elevation Just ’cause it’s […]

Kiana Ledé Lyrics

Kiana Ledé – Shame Lyrics

Shame by Kiana Ledé (feat. Blackway) I always seem to get my way way too late Say you wanna be a new man with your new lover Just remember who […]

Kiana Ledé Lyrics

Kiana Ledé – Get in the Way Lyrics

Get in the Way by Kiana Ledé Why do I keep doing this? Damn Talking to myself like “Now, what’s the play”? Kiki this is bullshit, damn You know you […]