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Category: Kid Ink

Missed Calls (2018)

1. Do Me Wrong
3. No Budget
4. Rain Dance
5. Lob
6. Tomahawk
7. Big Deal

Kid Ink – Just Chill Lyrics

Just Chill By Kid Ink Just Chill Party gackin, roller backin, just chill Fuck her, everybody acting, just chill You keep trackin what I’m packin, just chill Girl I know […]

Kid Ink – Holy Grail Lyrics

Kid Ink – Holy Grail Lyrics Sippin’ from this holy grail I get motivated by myself The hustle made it hard to fail Everybody rolling gon’ prevail I just made […]

Kid Ink – Ride Like A Pro Lyrics

Kid Ink – Ride Like A Pro Lyrics You know I come in when I want I came with the seat from the back I can see it from the front Roll up […]

Kid Ink – Slide Up Lyrics

Slide Up By Kid Ink Na-na-na-na-na-na-na She ride me like a Rari Grab her hips and tell her slide up ‘Til I’m all the way inside you Slide up Oh yeah Been doing […]

Kid Ink - Bats Fly Lyrics

Kid Ink – Bats Fly Lyrics

Bats Fly By Kid Ink Lyrics CashMoney AP Oh lawd, Jetson made another one Guys, okay, this came out amazing Woo, soon as I step in this bitch Let them […]

Kid Ink – Randy Mo$$ Lyrics

Randy Mo$$ by Kid Ink Lyrics: Run that shit already Yeah O-kay, watch how I kick this shit off, ayy Watch I got, needed to frost, ayy Wait, I just […]