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Category: Kid Ink

Missed Calls (2018)

1. Do Me Wrong
3. No Budget
4. Rain Dance
5. Lob
6. Tomahawk
7. Big Deal

Kid Ink – Slide Up Lyrics

Slide Up By Kid Ink Na-na-na-na-na-na-na She ride me like a Rari Grab her hips and tell her slide up ‘Til I’m all the way inside you Slide up Oh yeah Been doing […]

Kid Ink - Bats Fly Lyrics

Kid Ink – Bats Fly Lyrics

Bats Fly By Kid Ink Lyrics CashMoney AP Oh lawd, Jetson made another one Guys, okay, this came out amazing Woo, soon as I step in this b---- Let them […]

Kid Ink – Randy Mo$$ Lyrics

Randy Mo$$ by Kid Ink Lyrics: Run that s--- already Yeah O-kay, watch how I kick this s--- off, ayy Watch I got, needed to frost, ayy Wait, I just […]

Kid Ink – Miami Lyrics

Miami by Kid Ink: I took a molly in Miami, that’s a wet dream (Wet dream) Rippin’ through the water on the jetski, yeah (Jetski) Spent the night at [?] got the best sleep, […]

Kid Ink – Champion Lyrics

Champion by Kid Ink Uh, I got a plan hit ’em with the switcher Need my name at the top when you pour the list up Everyday I treat the game like it’s just […]

Kid Ink – Big Deal Lyrics

Big Deal Lyrics Kid Ink [Intro] Big deal, yeah, yeah Yeah Bankroll got It [Chorus] Big deals, big wheels Come with me, you looking for a quick thrill Fishtail hangin’ […]

Kid Ink – Tomahawk Lyrics

Tomahawk Lyrics Kid Ink [Intro] Hundred cars got the city, yeah yeah Woo, yeah yeah Hey [Chorus] Drop down, tomahawk tops off Hundred cars got the city blocked off Try […]

Kid Ink – Lob Lyrics

Lob Lyrics Kid Ink (Ft. Juliann Alexander & Rory Fresco) [Kid Ink] Ooh, ah yeah [Kid Ink] Pop a wheelie with no hands, put it in the sky Threw that […]

Kid Ink – Rain Dance Lyrics

Rain Dance Lyrics Kid Ink (Ft. Fuzz Rico & Valee) Retro [Fuzz Rico] Throw up more bands Make it rain dance Cancel your plan Bet I’ll pay you advance Oh, […]

Kid Ink – Do Me Wrong Lyrics

Do Me Wrong Lyrics Kid Ink Squat made the beat Go Grizz What you do me What you do me Whatever you do, b----, don’t do me wrong Got me […]

Kid Ink – YUSO Lyrics

YUSO Lyrics Kid Ink (feat. Lil Wayne & Saweetie) [Intro: D.A. Doman] D.A. got that dope [Chorus: Kid Ink] I’m a nasty n----, and you so nasty, girl You so, […]

Kid Ink – No Budget Lyrics

No Budget Lyrics by Kid Ink Feat. Rich The Kid Released : 2018 (Bongo turn it up, bongo turn it up) (Bongo on the way) Kid Ink (Murda on the […]

Kid Ink – Us Lyrics

Us by Kid Ink | Feat. Elley Duhé We hold it in our hands Everything we will become We hold it in our hands The hustle, the struggle, the love […]

Kid Ink – Tell Somebody Lyrics

Tell Somebody by Kid Ink Released : 2017 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit […]

Kid Ink – On Demand Lyrics

On Demand by Kid Ink Released : 2017 Uhhh It’s Tha Alumni Uhhh That be Maaly Raw Yah, yah, yah yah, yah Grab my hand if you think you qualify, […]

Kid Ink – His & Hers Lyrics

His & Hers by Kid Ink Released : 2017 Might just trip Is she had enough Then take your side And fight over for you You like to strip Slay […]