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Category: Kim Petras

Kim Petras – Everybody Dies Lyrics

Everybody Dies by Kim Petras: Lyrics: Not everybody feels But everybody cries Not everybody lives But everybody dies Not everybody wins But everybody tries Not everybody lives But everybody dies Mama’s gonna […]

Kim Petras – Death By Sex Lyrics

Death By Sex by Kim Petras: Lyrics: Oh, death by sex Oh, death by sex Yeah, sex sex sex Yeah, death by, death by sex Oh, death by sex Oh, I’mma give it […]

Kim Petras - Massacre Lyrics

Kim Petras – Massacre Lyrics

Massacre by Kim Petras: Lyrics: It’s gonna be a massacre Gonna be a massacre Gonna be a massacre It’s gonna be a massacre Gonna be a massacre Gonna be a massacre Blood on […]

Kim Petras – Wrong Turn Lyrics

Wrong Turn by Kim Petras: Lyrics: You took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time You took the wrong turn Took the wrong turn at the wrong time You […]

Kim Petras – Bloody Valentine Lyrics

Bloody Valentine by Kim Petras: Lyrics: Bloody valentine, my bloody valentine, my bloody valentine You’re out of time My bloody valentine, my bloody valentine, my bloody valentine You’re out of time My bloody […]

Kim Petras - There Will Be Blood Lyrics

Kim Petras – There Will Be Blood Lyrics

There Will Be Blood by Kim Petras: Lyrics: There will be blood, run for your life Go on and say, go on and say your last goodbye There will be blood, you’re gonna […]

Kim Petras – Clarity (Album Lyrics)

Artist: Kim Petras Release date: June 28, 2019 Genre: Pop Tracklist: 01. Clarity 02. Icy 03. Got My Number 04. Sweet Spot 05. Personal Hell 06. Broken 07. All I […]

Kim Petras – Shinin’ Lyrics

Shinin’ by Kim Petras From the bottom you come up From haters to lovers From nada to Prada, you know you’re a star You are shinin’, lit as a diamond […]

Kim Petras – Icy Lyrics

Icy by Kim Petras Never loved nobody harder Never, ever felt stronger Thought that we would last forever Give me something believe in Thought that you were all I needed […]

Kim Petras – Another One Lyrics

Kim Petras – Another One Lyrics Tell me I’m your only when you look me in my eyes ‘Cause I have made your main, cause is, I don’t do the […]

Kim Petras – Personal Hell Lyrics

Personal Hell Lyrics by Kim Petras Summer sun, don’t feel a thing Overthink ’bout everything When I think of you, you give me chills Yeah, I’m sad but down to […]

Kim Petras – Clarity Lyrics

Clarity by Kim Petras Clarity, I got clarity I’m the b---- with the sauce, apparently Give a few of y’all drip, that’s charity I ain’t worried ’bout s---, you a […]

Kim Petras – Do Me Lyrics

Do Me by Kim Petras Do me, do me, do me like that Hurt me so good, make me wanna be bad Give it to me, to me like that […]

Kim Petras – Sweet Spot Lyrics

Sweet Spot by Kim Petras Baby don’t stop, don’t stop We’re getting to the sweet spot, sweet spot Baby it’s a sure shot, sure shot We’re getting to the sweet […]