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Category: King Krule

King Krule – Stoned Again Lyrics

Stoned Again By King Krule Stoned Again Lyrics: Yeah, she’s my sweet My sweet and sour, my lemon honey I ran all the way home that night Ran all the […]

King Krule – Comet Face Lyrics

Comet Face By King Krule Comet Face Lyrics: Woke up, Peckham Rye at half five Boy on the ground with his pants down What happened to him in his past […]

King Krule – The Dream Lyrics

The Dream By King Krule The Dream Lyrics: Stop making sense of things I saw pylons stretch to the east I wasn’t sure at all why our love Becomes sorrow […]

King Krule – Perfecto Miserable Lyrics

Perfecto Miserable By King Krule Perfecto Miserable Lyrics: The person you’re calling… is on another line Just leave your message after the tone And when you’re done, press hash, or […]

King Krule – Slinky Lyrics

Slinky By King Krule Slinky Lyrics: See, I have not seen Another person for days You’re the only one Who’s held my gaze And everyone must have left I used […]