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Category: King Princess

King Princess – Trust Nobody Lyrics

Trust Nobody By King Princess Lyrics I don’t ever trust nobody No, I don’t ever trust But I trust you Ain’t that great? And I’m still dumb when no one’s […]

King Princess – Homegirl Lyrics

Homegirl By King Princess Lyrics They stare when you walk in the room Like they’re looking at heaven Oh you know that those boys Will do more than just look […]

King Princess - Useless Phrases Lyrics

King Princess – Useless Phrases Lyrics

Useless Phrases By King Princess Lyrics You say you want me back And I don’t usually entertain such useless phrases Baby, I thought I had facts And I don’t usually […]

King Princess – Prophet Lyrics

Prophet Lyrics by King Princess You call when you want it Everyone wants something from your soul on the molly Someone’s friend is talking like they know, oh, you’re on […]

King Princess – Cheap Queen Lyrics

Cheap Queen by King Princess I’ve been alright I’ve just been doing the same s--- I’ve always liked Like smoking and movies and homies who bring me wine I’ve been […]

King Princess – Femme Fatale Lyrics

Femme Fatale Lyrics King Princess Here she comes You better watch your step She’s gonna break your heart in two It’s true It’s not hard to realize Just look into […]