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Category: Kodak Black

Dying To Live [Album 2018]

01. Testimony
02. This Forever
03. Identity Thief
04. Gnarly (Feat. Lil Pump)
05. Zeze (Feat. Travis Scott & Offset)
06. Take One
07. Moshpit (Feat. Juice WRLD)
08. Transgression
09. Malcolm X.X.X.
10. Calling My Spirit
11. In The Flesh
12. Close To The Grave
13. From The Cradle
14. If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin
15. Needing Something
16. Could Of Been Something

Kodak Black – Because Of You Lyrics

Because Of You By Kodak Black I see it now, I’m gettin’ tender, y’all (Here we go) I’m gettin’ tender F--- it, I’ma just show this girl another side of […]

Kodak Black – Zombie Lyrics

Zombie By Kodak Black I shoulda been born on Halloween (Ra-ra-ra-ra) I stay on some zombie s--- everyday (Ra-ra-ra-ra) PLYBCK Rock the mask like a skully ’cause I’m dangerous (Ra-ra-ra-ra) […]

Kodak Black – Expeditiously Lyrics

Expeditiously Lyrics by Kodak Black [Kodak Black] True story, ain’t no lyin’ A wise man can play a fool but a fool can’t play wise Unless you judge me by […]

BHAD BHABIE – Bestie Lyrics

Bestie Lyrics by BHAD BHABIE (Feat. Kodak Black) [Intro:] D.A. got that dope! [Bhad Bhabie] Go, b----, go, b----! Go, bestie! Can’t f--- with these hoes, ‘cause they messy Go, […]