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Category: Kodak Black

Dying To Live [Album 2018]

01. Testimony
02. This Forever
03. Identity Thief
04. Gnarly (Feat. Lil Pump)
05. Zeze (Feat. Travis Scott & Offset)
06. Take One
07. Moshpit (Feat. Juice WRLD)
08. Transgression
09. Malcolm X.X.X.
10. Calling My Spirit
11. In The Flesh
12. Close To The Grave
13. From The Cradle
14. If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin
15. Needing Something
16. Could Of Been Something

BHAD BHABIE – Bestie Lyrics

Bestie Lyrics by BHAD BHABIE (Feat. Kodak Black) [Intro:] D.A. got that dope! [Bhad Bhabie] Go, b----, go, b----! Go, bestie! Can’t f--- with these hoes, ‘cause they messy Go, […]

Kodak Black - Needing Something Lyrics

Kodak Black – Needing Something Lyrics

Needing Something Lyrics Kodak Black The freedom bell ring when they set a n---- free I’m flyin’ like an eagle when they let me off the leash Gotta prove everybody […]

Kodak Black - From The Cradle Lyrics

Kodak Black – From The Cradle Lyrics

From The Cradle Lyrics Kodak Black Okay Just keep, just keep me recordin’, I don’t care Sometimes I don’t be knowin’ what I wanna name my songs and I just […]

Kodak Black – In The Flesh Lyrics

In The Flesh Lyrics Kodak Black Money talk, these diamonds on my cavity Money talk Money talk, these diamonds on my cavity Scoopin’ up all my b------ out the magazine […]

Kodak Black - Malcolm X.X.X. Lyrics

Kodak Black – Malcolm X.X.X. Lyrics

Malcolm X.X.X. Lyrics Kodak Black Minister Malcolm, the thing that I thought might be good for starting it off is to talk about one of the most pervasive beliefs in […]

Kodak Black - Transgression Lyrics

Kodak Black – Transgression Lyrics

Transgression Lyrics Kodak Black Tired Glee, gleeful This how you step, right here, look I be slidin’ ’round with my firearm, I gotta keep a weapon I be ridin’ ’round […]

Kodak Black – Moshpit Lyrics

Moshpit Lyrics Kodak Black (Feat. Juice WRLD) [Kodak Black] I’m stompin’ Let’s start a moshpit F--- a protest let’s start a moshpit Yeah [Kodak Black & Juice WRLD] Red bottom kicks […]

Kodak Black - Gnarly Lyrics

Kodak Black – Gnarly Lyrics

Gnarly Lyrics Kodak Black (Feat. Lil Pump) [Kodak Black:] I just took Cialis, but she on a molly Let’s get gnarly I get out my body Yeah, we link up […]

Kodak Black – Identity Thief Lyrics

Identity Thief Lyrics Kodak Black Rippa on the beat, b---- Fresh out of jail, but don’t think I’m scared to go back, m----------- I still’ll hit a n---- with that […]

Kodak Black – This Forever Lyrics

This Forever Lyrics Kodak Black Glee, gleeful Yeah, like a n---- water whip Glee Like a n---- water whip, I’ma get it crackin’ Cut from a different cloth, I’m a […]

Kodak Black - Testimony Lyrics

Kodak Black – Testimony Lyrics

Testimony Lyrics Kodak Black I’m God-sent, I know I’m God-sent I swear ‘fore God You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout? Now, I done overcame so much obstacles Came up from […]

Kodak Black – Take One Lyrics

Take One Lyrics Kodak Black You know, me, I ain’t doing no Tweetin’ (Glee) I ain’t doin’ no Tweetin’ Sniper Gang, Kodak I’m on house arrest but I’ma take one […]

Kodak Black – ZEZE Lyrics

ZEZE by Kodak Black Feat. Travis Scott & Offset Released : 2018 D.A. got that dope! [Travis Scott:] Ice water, turned Atlantic (Freeze) Night crawlin’ in a Phantom (Skrrt, skrrt) […]

Kodak Black – Now Time Lyrics

Now Time by Kodak Black Released : 2017 Aye, this beat here sound weird as f--- But you know once you start having fun with it, you done with it […]

Kodak Black – Rugrats Lyrics

Rugrats by Kodak Black Released : 2017 Yah, Glee Aye b----, I done growed up Project baby all grown up, ima rugrat Still can’t hit the club, ian get jumped […]