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Cheap Smell Album

Cheap Smell (Album 2018)

1.  Priceless
2.  Adickted
3.  It’s the Weekend
4.  Freakshow
5.  Mama & Paper
6.  I Better Run
7.  Cheap Smell
8.  Oblivion
9.  Midnight Medicine
10.  Play Me
11.  Love Song
12.  Black Spider
13.  Foolish
14.  Skyscraping
15.  Final Song

Kovacs – Skyscraping

Kovacs – Skyscraping Lyrics

Skyscraping by Kovacs Released : 2018 I can’t sleep toni-i-i-ight For this eternal fi-i-i-ight The doctor just came, saw me in pain La la la la, la la la la […]

Kovacs – Foolish Lyrics

Foolish by Kovacs Released : 2018 Not long ago I heard a song Reminded me of how we lost our senses The days were short, the nights were long Wrong […]

Kovacs – Black Spider Lyrics

Black Spider by Kovacs Released : 2018 Black spider, white lies Black spider Trapped in a web Of a lovesick spider Words weave her in From major to minor He’s […]

Kovacs – Love Song Lyrics

Love Song by Kovacs Released : 2018 I caught her smokin’ in bed What’s just a fool for you, honey I wish I never [?] Why be so cruel to me, […]

Kovacs – Play Me Lyrics

Play Me by Kovacs Released : 2018 What, what? What, what? Can’t stop thinking ’bout my man Even when he calls me Susanne Long as he calls me I’ma give […]

Kovacs – Midnight Medicine Lyrics

Midnight Medicine by Kovacs Released : 2018 Midnight medicine, soft and sweet Play me one more time, come for me Midnight medicine, [?] cheeks Keep me safe and warm, [?] asleep I hear a […]

Kovacs – Oblivion

Kovacs – Oblivion Lyrics

Oblivion by Kovacs Released : 2018 Every single night ends up in oblivion You keep telling me it’s such a great way to have some fun Why are you drinking […]

Kovacs – Cheap Smell

Kovacs – Cheap Smell Lyrics

Cheap Smell by Kovacs Released : 2018 My perfume covers my sins It’s the oxygen that I’m breathing in My perfume on my skin It’s poisoning, but I’m giving in […]

Kovacs – I Better Run

Kovacs – I Better Run Lyrics

I Better Run by Kovacs Released : 2018 As home, I’m not afraid, no The fear in my eyes, it steers you, see? Control, but I’m not his slave, no […]

Kovacs – Mama & Paper Lyrics

Mama & Paper by Kovacs Released : 2018 I have prayed, I have prayed ’til you’re gone When I pray, I found your God or so I thought You told […]

Kovacs – Freakshow Lyrics

Freakshow by Kovacs Released : 2018 Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo When Johnny woke up, he didn’t know How he ended up in this freakshow Johnny laid his eyes on a monkey and […]

Kovacs – Adickted Lyrics

Adickted by Kovacs Released : 2018 My baby left today He’s so tired, in the rain Looking for you, for you, for you My baby’s on the street Is it […]

Kovacs – Priceless

Kovacs – Priceless Lyrics

Priceless by Kovacs Released : 2018 I don’t know where you came from, must be a lucky girl When I was spending in a crazy town you gold-plated my world […]

Kovacs - Cheap Smell

Kovacs – Cheap Smell (Album Lyrics)

Album : Cheap Smell Release Date: August 17, 2018 Genre : Pop Tracklist 1.  Priceless 2.  Adickted 3.  It’s the Weekend 4.  Freakshow 5.  Mama & Paper 6.  I Better […]