Kovacs - Fragile Lyrics

Kovacs – Fragile Lyrics

Fragile Lyrics – Kovacs Where you gonna go my Bastard boy you’re Leaving with my skin my Carnal joy and ...

Kovacs - Goldmine Lyrics

Kovacs – Goldmine Lyrics

Goldmine Lyrics – Kovacs I’ve been slaving Constant slaving Not a penny to show There’s nothing I own Money making ...

Kovacs - Bang Bang Lyrics

Kovacs – Bang Bang Lyrics

Bang Bang Lyrics – Kovacs Darling, close your eyes I don’t want you to see me cry If god is ...

Kovacs - Freedom Lyrics

Kovacs – Freedom Lyrics

Freedom Lyrics – Kovacs Listen to all those voices Talking about our choices But they are only noises Tryin’ to ...

Kovacs - Love Parasite Lyrics

Kovacs – Love Parasite Lyrics

Love Parasite Lyrics – Kovacs Love parasite Love parasite Don’t know what to say, I’m in bed again Got it ...

Kovacs - High Tide Lyrics

Kovacs – High Tide Lyrics

High Tide Lyrics – Kovacs I should know It was there Right in front of my eyes Skeletons and everything ...

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