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Category: Krewella

Krewella – Mana (Extended Mix) Lyrics

Krewella – Mana (Extended Mix) Lyrics Rumpa Shiva, say what you wanna Say what you wanna, rah-tah-tah-tah Rumpa Shiva, say what you wanna say Puta Rica, Lisa Chica Who’s your […]

Krewella – Anxiety Lyrics

Krewella – Anxiety Lyrics Human garbage, maybe I’m just trash May be past the past, but I keep looking back Let’s restart it, shit is going to fast Let’s go […]

Krewella – Paradise Lyrics

Krewella – Paradise Lyrics Oh my God Where have you been on my life? Oh my God ‘Cause I’ve never been this high You showed me There’s a heaven in […]

Krewella – Like We Lyrics

Krewella – Like We Lyrics Bitch you ain’t my fam, don’t call me family Always talking shit, you must have cavities I’m about to ghost you all like hide and […]

Krewella – Scissors Lyrics

Krewella – Scissors Lyrics No, I haven’t seen you in a while New vibe, new life, new style I ain’t even tryna get you out But it’s better you’re stranger, […]

Krewella – Ghost Lyrics

Krewella – Ghost Lyrics [Yasmine Yousaf] Nobody can touch me, I’m a fuckin’ ghost Shadow in the corner, while you out doin’ the most Nobody can know me, keep it […]